Becoming example of teshuva from love

Example: I’m in a place of judgement and concern for myself and for the situation.

I am trying to bring the concealed light coming in through speech and thought.

First move -I am recognizing my creator, recognizing H’ is all-loving.

From a place where I feel alone and in the dark and worried, I have real free will along with emunah that the concealed light could be added back to the very place of goodness and light that right now is bringing blessing into the world. I have emunah in Hashem and in the soul Hashem designs and I believe WE ARE DESIGNED TO DO THIS.

Once we are making a judgement we have blown past our behira-free will point!! We are here to work with our first natural response in order to expand and go ABOVE our initial nature. Judgement=nature. we are here to rectify our nature.

“Stop. I’m having a challenge. I’m forming a judgement and my body is getting ready to react.” That’s all normal and natural. Yet there are refinements to earth,wind,water and fire that I am empowered to facilitate by being willing to tell Hashem. Hashem, I am having a challenge being compassionate like You but I want to.

I want to bring H’ s Infinite light from concealment in constricted thoughts into the world through mitzvahs. I want that what is natural to me become expanded with awareness of Hashem and revealed as His Compassion in the world.

There is a light coming in through my constricted thoughts that cannot reveal the compassion in the light. These include messages about myself and the other person…and here are the messages. .. these are constricted messages that I know are not so true in H’s eyes, yet He desires for this light to come into the world. He is Something and all the world would be nullified in the presence of His Infinite light, in the same way that the flame from a match would not be seen in a He has designed the world in a way that conceals Infinite light. And I, through my prayers and free will, have the opportunity to activate the system He designs through the soul of bringing that Infinite Light into the world without nullifying the world.

The force of the message is the Infinite light. It is my will that this force please flow into this blessing, mizvah, chesed, or learning that I am doing to provide a channel for Infinite light to flow into the world.

I am looking at the messages that now truly feel like nothing and I see there’s really no reason to have a negative thought or feeling about somebody else. Each person is the apple of Hashem’s eye..His creation, a body with a soul designed to do this very same effort.

The Besh”t says that if we are seeing something in someone else – it’s giving US the opportunity to repair something in the world.

Do I wish to include this concealed light as revealed compassion nurturing me in my life? It is up to me! If I understand how much H’ is loving me right now and if He’s placed me here in this world, I can be that channel He has designed to bring up the sparks that have fallen into nature – through my speech, mind and heart – back to Him.

It is appropriate for this effort to become our primary focus because this is what we have control over! Do we recognize H’ and embrace His Torah? We don’t have control over people, events, circumstances or nature. But we have real free will to have awe of Hashem.

Thus, in a judgment, remember…this is concealed light!!!

Which parts of my brain are involved? My lymbic system? My neshama doesn’t have to be bonded forever with the electrical responses of the natural development of the brain. I can tell Hashem I wish to go above nature, to stretch, so that the very intellect and soul He gives me becomes bonded with the reality that H’ is all loving and doing everything and giving ME the opportunity to break that hold that the habits/ patterns /stories have thus far naturally had. I will to bring light into the situation and thereby ELEVATE the places inwardly with more revealed light. I desire chesed to balance the gevurah so that compassion and harmony come into an expanded natural response.

May I grow in heartfelt choices for Torah, avoda, chesed, and mitzvahs. May I grow to be a channel strong enough to bring the concealed light – through action – to this world, revealed.

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