Emunah – See Hashem in this world – Five Basic Ways to See Hashem by Rabbi Yisroel Kleinman

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We will begin with the existence of Hashem. demonstrations of the existence of Hashem. There are five demonstrations of the existence of Hashem.  We will first speak from the intellect before we try to understand with our hearts and feelings.This will be a theme that in general we will be using.

There are five deonstrations of the existence of Hashem. A person knows that Hashem exists naturally. Number two, the mass testimony of the exodus from Egypt of the Jewish people.  Number three is the survival of the Jewish people despite the exile. Number four is the torah itself,  and number five  is the claim that we make that two aspects of the Torah. The claim that we have in uncomparable to any other nation.. the Torah itself testifies that in different ways, in the mitzvahs that it commands, in the exacting language that it uses shows up for the perfect description.

The demonstration of Hashem’s existence – what is the difference between a demonstration and a  proof? A demonstration is enough to convince me of something and a proof necessitates proving options that I don’t really care about.  Therefore when it comes to  Hashem, since we naturally know Hashem exists, we don’t need to go into proof.  what we do need to  show is that we  have demonstrations of it, of what we already know.

Every intellectual deduction of Hashem’s existence afterwards strengthens our inate knowledge that Hashem exists. The  second the second accident demonstration is the mass exodus of the Jewish people. The Kuzari says that the main basis of our Judaism is mass testimony of exodus from Egypt. We had a mass testimony on Hashem

An interesting point to  reflect on is for one person to take a skeptical point of view. He is not going to decide on knowing anything.  And he takes the evidence for what it is. He would opt for Judaism as a claim of the mass testimony of 600,000 people, definitely is more convincing than the claim of one person says he had a prophecy and  no one else saw anything.

Number three demonstration of Hashem’s existence is the creation of the worl.  Rabbi Avigdor Miller zatzal  points out that the world as wisdom, it has plan and purpose, and the  intellectual understanding is you can’t have a plan and purpose if you don’t have a planner or person or someone who planned it.

Two examples of plan.  The first  is the dandelion. You can blow off  the dandelion seeds. Before they are ready to be blown off, they are connected too tightly to the stem. When thery are ready to blow off, they are loose enough to blow off. This is timing, and  that shows a plan. Iintellectual understanding is that a plan was planned by planner, and that intrellecutal understanding,  by looking at that,  you have really seen Hashem through the dandylion.

By deducing that, you have utilized looking at that and noticing that into  something that will give you eternal benefit in the world to come.

Rabbi Avigdor Miller says that is a great service that we can do that we have in this world, to always be looking at things and deducing Hashem through it,  to see as much as we can of Hashem.

Forr example, he says if you look at a flower, the  colors and the shape, this is the equivalent of what Moshe Rebbeinu saw at the burning bush, as every part of this creation should be catching your eye and calling out to you as Hashem saying notice me…

Back to our subject is another example of plan and purpose is in the peach seed, which has a small seed inside of the big seed. The big pit is a small seed but it can’t be opened. He said it is sweet but you can’t open it with a saw because it’s very  hard, but when plant in the ground, it opens by itself.

that there is a purpose for this peach seed to be put in the ground. Is that  a strong enough hint, that it is to be  put in the ground? If put into the ground, it  opens up. It makes another peach tree.

 so we see a plan and a purpose for this in the world.  That cannot happen without someone planning, without someone giving it  purpose , and with  that recognition is recognition that there is a creator that’s number three

number 4 The Jewish people existence in exile demonstrates Hashem’s existence, as there have been many attempts many many attempts to destroy us in every generation.  and we have  survived, and we have thrived.

 If we reflect on this it is said that it would be almost as great miracles as miracles of the exodus from Egypt.

 Fifth, is the Torah itself.  There are different aspects of how you can bring this out. Ways to bring it out to those who are not affiliated and there are ways to bring it out by those who are affiliated more. If speaking to someone who is not affiliated, you can come with the claim of the testimony of 600,000 people around the mountain is unprecedented.Also, we have a mitzvah of leraving the fields fallow on shemitah year, which is daring if written by a person,   everyone going to the temple once a year leaving their families and leaving their land and if it was given by a person, no one would dare to do that because people would be endangering their property.    That’s on the outside. those who learn torah recognize the protection in which the Torah is written in,   and the demand we put on every word and on every nuance and ther demand that we have on every word of the Torah,  if we find the logical explanation of logical reasoning why you shouldn’t have made this wordin the Torah, we ask a question on it.

There is a perfect nature of the Torah  which shows that it is Hashem’s Torah.

The Gemara says that there is a special type of animal with three spines. This is one of the answers why we see Torah is from hashem because  Moshe was not an animal expert- how did he know about this? The Creator of the world told it to him.

These are five examples of demonstrations of Hashem’s existence in this world.

The next step is that the purpose of Hashem’s. Creation of this world is to benefit us. In Slobodka, my Rebbe, Rabbi Brog said  the value of understanding that Hashem rule of the world  as a  benefactor in this world is so much more important –  is even more important than knowledge that Hashem exists -more important is to know that hashem is a benefactor, the One who gives benefit to the wrold. That is  how important this next step is,  which we will do next time.

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