Mode ani today

We as well as all that happens to us comes through finite and limited means;however, it is filled by Infinite light. Our soul, by recognizing this, enable Hashem to draw the Infinte light thru our mind and heart and into the world when we do mitzvahs.

When i said mode ani this morning, the meaning of waking up alive struck me like this…thank you for giving me a limited physical existence in a world that limits Your light so that I may recognize You and in so doing experience the purpose of life, to channel in Your goodness that does Infinite work beyond what I can know into the world through speech and deeds, through Torah, avoda, chesed and mitzvahs.

Lets see how this works with a strong reaction, insult, rejection, anger, fear and the like. In the same way as we taste soup without really eating, so too we bring the reaction into our mind’s eye with compassion on the Shechina -the Infinite light that fills all limited vessels. In hisbodedus, we describe it in detail, the more we recognize of our data and will to go above our natural reaction out of love for Him that enthusiastic submission opens a channel for Infinite light to be available to fill torah learning, avoda, blessings, and mitzvahs with a redeemed “new” light.

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