Some success stories from the whatsapp chat on the derech of haemes of Reb Asher Freund

Reb Asher teaches to see how our natural thinking banters us between lack, how does that feel, and what does that mean for me, lack, how does that feel and what does that mean for me. Those are the messages to write down and hold to our hearts. Then seeing the pattern of lack, self-consciousness, realize it is the Shechina in exile animating the data stored in our brain. Look at the force. there is no other power. Have compassion on the shechina, our very life force, that is willing to be animating such data in order to give us the opportunity to untie the knot in our will and become a channel to flow that life force into Torah avoda and chesed. go to ratzo, run, realize it, have compassion on it. Now, in hisbodidus, open up the force itself not the messages…what is in it, where did this data come from, what pattern or trauma or lifelong nature is in it and tell Hashem by myself I naturally go the thoughts on this paper but I want to go above it and bring this life force through to expression in this world through torah, avoda, chesed and mitzvahs and then go do the mitzvah,,,, move your muscles to say a bracha or give a tzedaka…it is the commandment that brings the activation of the nefesh elokis to draw the life force trapped in the darkness into that mitzvah. the commandment is the connection. do it. Now wait and see if the messages on the paper are no longer chaotic. IYH they are not charged at all. repeat as needed. We are here to do this ratzo vshov, over and over, with gratitude and excitement and love for Hashem, until we deplete the kedusha given into nature by bringing it into Torah, avoda and mitzvahs.

This is a goal…it takes emunah squared…emunah in Hashem times emunah in the soul He has created tondo the repair…bit this is unity and our national mission.

Hashem’s light comes to our soul as emunah and taanug, and then into our body thru ratzon…as we discover thru our struggles that there are blocks to the light, we have compassion, realize where we are placed likena valve, open by going above our will with love for Hashem and enthusiasm for being a channel, we do a mtizvah and now that originating light is here in a vessel of torah avoda chesed or mitzvahs and not blocked by our confused naturalnwill. He is the healing.

” Hashem please help me untie the knot of self-consciousness that flows the Life force You are sending in this moment towards feeling my biases including hatred in the heart, revenge, jealousy, and fear. It is my will to flow the life force into Torah learning, prayer,chesed and mitzvahs. I realize that i alone must find and u tangle this knot through hisbodidus, confession, and breaking of lifelong natural judgments and belief in the power of my own hand. I will to go above this natural will so that I may have the pleasure of being a channel thru which Your goodness flows into the world.”

Shares and comments from the chat:

“I was noticing yesterday – during a surge of fire/ moment of challenge – a general feeling of malaise. As I focused on that feeling in my body, it led me to a the familiar queasiness in my gut. An instinctive emotional response. It was interesting to be aware of this since I am generally not attuned to these nuances. With your help, Shuli, I was able to notice it objectively. With that consciousness, I was able to work with it B”H and was able to be cognizant that this feeling is actually an old pattern – going back who knows how long ? – and recognized it as my life force, the Shechina in exile /nefesh Elokis (using your steps described above of ratzo vshav) and returned back to give a bracha and to yishuv haDaas. In the moment I thought, “this is similar to a surge/contraction in labor. Here it is… I just have to ride the wave” (I’m a doula so I coach women through this) and coached myself through the queasiness till it subsided.

Instead of fighting it, it passes rather uneventfully BH- meaning like in the past, it had the potential to escalate into an emotional conflagration. Chas VShalom. The nefesh behamis was quieted – once identified as the game player.

Thank you to this group for opening up to this type of healing”

“The more we share, the more it sinks in (for me;) A true paradigm shift from lifelong natural patterns of attempting to control / feeling loss of control – in the rising heat of a surge / life force / Shechina in exile – as a signal to activate Daas Elyon, IY”H to recognize the playing field (and the players) objectively – at the onset”

“Ongoing seething aftershocks…but really a breakthru….!!! I am in the middle of a confession of a lifelong pattern and a defense and coping mechanism designed to draw power to me but that hurt so many inadvertently, and thinking I was doing good and protecting others!!! I am strengthening myself in emunah to confess, and realize with joy that Hashem is ready to make this repair with the compassion for the Shechina I alone declare in shifles/ ratzo…and then move with confidence to a this case making a bracha. I am folding it into tzedakah and the hope that this vulnerable sharing helps us all find what inside is blocking light. Being alive means we are not exempt”

“So here is my struggle that I am currently in the gutter with..if someone blames me or finds the fault or points to me, I try to defend myself and that is food for the attack to become about ripping me apart…I feel nauseous right now…when that seething is coming at me, how do I respond with love and understanding that the person is not facing their own inner challenge and is therefore looking to project it upon me, abuse me if you will? I used to get shut down and believe it. If I appear unaffected and loving, the other feels unheard and erased since they are not doing it on purpose, only from low self esteem and a love of power to protect that. Stay safe BY REALIZING this, be genuinely loving by remembering He creates the potential in each one of us, radically accept, be soothing. “

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