Insights into guarding our souls from negativity, a constant mitzvah

Where does our life force stem from? We are told that our nefesh elokis is directly connected to Hashem’s throne, hewn by Him, from His Breath.

The Source of our life force is from Hashem Himself, connected and designed in a way that for us is unknowable in whole. We have Torah to teach us about the nefesh elokis but in the final integrated understanding of it, we must evoke emunah, for how can a mortal being comprehend fully something that is fashioned and designed and connected to Infinity.

Imagine that. Something infinite is within us although we are only given access to understand its powers of will, pleasure, and faith.

With emunah in Hashem, it is for us to extend that emunah to His Design of the soul and to trust that Hashem is constantly with us and available to us because of this. What holds us back is that we are not conscious of Hashem as the One enlivening and managing our nefesh elokis as well as surrounding our physicality with sustenance.

One of the six constant mitzvahs is to guard our soul from negativity. When we are aware of the truth of our nefesh elokis, and we guard it, we are having compassion on Hashem’s shechina serving as our life force, sent into a limited mortal body and concealed by our opposing natural will. what feels pleasurable to us through our natural will is because of developed lifetime habits and experiences, NOT because it is a greater pleasure!!!

The greatest pleasure is the simcha that we can feel when we are remembering Hashem and guarding our soul. To coose to find and build new habits based on this means breaking our natural character traits and beliefs.

We need emunah in Hashem and further, emunah in Hashem’s active involvement with our life force every moment, which is both in His Design of the soul as well as in hashgacha pratis.

If someone asks us and we agree to please take care of a suitcase with 10 million dollars in it for a 10 percent commission, we are going to guard it well. So too should we approach guarding our soul, whose Source is Hashem. It is not ours to do with as we please and then wonder why our lives may be more and more challenged. We have real free will but we also have a Shepherd. Hashem gives us a soul and a lifetime in order that we find the pathway to shine that soul’s goodness into the world.

Thus, guarding our soul from negativity means having compassion upon Him in every moment to NOT “lose” any of the 10 million by wasting it through investments in negativity and aveiros. This thought is something we are able to train ourselves to think whenever our thinking begins to banter between a void and darkness, lack and ego-interests appearing pleasurable.

Every time we read the haftorah, we recite the blessings.  The third blessing is “have mercy on Zion, for it is the source of our life Bais Chayainu.  In the one who is deeply humiliated bring salvation speedily,in our days.  Blessed are You, Hashem, Who gladdens Zion through her children.”  The footnote on have mercy on Zion is “this holiness of the temple on Mount zion is the source of our spiritual life.  Exiled and without it, we are humiliated.  Without her children, Zion too is despondent.”  We are instructed every time we read the haftorah to have mercy on the holiness of the temple, the Source of our life.  This is where we are told to toil, to have compassion on the holiness of the Source of our life, Hashem. That is what we are instructed to do at the first sign of “sad.” This is important to guard our soul from the mad and bad that follow quickly and naturally in succession. When we guard our soul, we run in hisbodidus to Hashem and tell Him exactly what our natural reactions are and that by ourself we would stray there but we do not want to. Out of love for Him and to guard our soul, we want to not naturally want…and describe completely and without shame the messages and inner false beliefs that we want to not want. In hisbodedus. And with a chabura for this type of vulnerable sharing. In this way, what is in the subconscious becomes more conscious and thereby within our ability to exercise free will regarding the force within the messages.

Knowing that He is the Source of Life, we are empowered to unify His Name by nullifying our subjectivity, the self-image. This process is called run and return, ratzo v’shov, or shifless and bitul. As the flow of mad and bad thoughts surface, lift them with faith, have compassion on the holiness of the Source of Life, Hashem. Through sorting out by recognizing Hashem is doing everything – meaning with truth in mind – the Infinite Light concealed in the vessel of our body is able to move from our subconscious into the world. We become independent of our nature when through our will,  we pray and do mitzvahs out of a choice in what thoughts, speech and deeds that Infinite Light fills. We literally are able to serve Hashem uniquely.  Recognizing that He, the Source of Life, is the Source for all of us and that each of us has the potential to become independent of our nature helps us love each other without it being based on anything else except sharing this mission of developing an identity independent of our nature providing a channel for Infinite Light to flow naturally through our choices into the world through Torah learning, chesed, prayer and mitzvahs.

Understanding the Creator – does He suffer? Have compassion on Hashem and bring your heart to mitzvahs

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