Loving Hashem deepens and becomes more and more natural as we realize that the greatest joy is in Him rather than ourselves

Untangle the knot that focuses on feeling ourselves in order for that very Infinite light to flow into the world as blessings. When each of us does this, we are unified as One in this effort

One of the greatest things we can do is be mesiras nefesh for Hashem…to be self-sacrificing. When we have such an opportunity, it creates an empty space into which something from Hashem that is new for our soul is able to come into that space. Each person obligatedto 613 commandments is capable of making the sacrifice that having a bias presents in order to bring in the infinite light enclothed in the challenge. In recognizing our potential to do this, we are one.

The more we are interested in choosing mitzvahs and Torah over feeling ourselves, the less we identify with feeling our own interests as our survival and our primary mission. The more we choose Hashem’s Will over ours, the more we realize how feeling ourselves is a strong and compelling block to His Light coming into the world.

When we have the value that His Will is ours, and that our will is mesiras nefesh, a sacrifice, so that we may serve as a channel to bring something Infinite into the world, we have a frame of reference for every moment.

Whatever emotion or reaction we are having is reframed as Infinite Light that we can re-package into a Torah learning, a chesed, a mitzvah or a prayer. Imagine that. Simply by having an expanded vision of what life is for, we have a way to field the concealed light that presents in every moment. Shall we take that Infinite light and attempt to have it serve our limited constricted vision for our biases or shall we realize He is doing everything and that even though we have no idea what will happen, the very best thing we can do is Torah, prayer, mitzvahs and chesed.

Yearning for Hashem to be in this world helps lift us from the place of our self-focus with more and more trust . The more we experience and choose with yearning for Hashem away from our thinking and our biases, the more our identity forms as a channel for His Light. And, the less our pains and reactions compel us towards damaging responses, for we grow to see these as the necessary garments to present to us the Infinite Light that has no other way to come into the world without nullifying the world

Yes, we are complex spiritual beings with a body that can bring new Infinite Light from the world of formation into this world through mesiras nefesh, with love for Hashem and true yearning to serve Him. We can untie the knot of our interpretations about the enclothed infinite LIght through confession, love for Him, awe and will.

And may every effort be a merit, a blessing, a refuah shelama, a cancellation of gezeira, and a satisfaction of din for the soul as it exists in ourselves, our families, klal Yisrael and mankind.

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