Those obligated to keep 613 commandments bring Infinite Light concealed in nature into this world by so observing the Torah

We really can bring something light into this world..the soul of a person obligated to 613 commandments is designed to do this.

By becoming more familiar with the subconscious and facing the deceptions built in, we begin to apply free will towards bringing in Infinite light.

What keeps us from it are our defense mechanisms that are messages in our brain from nature..they are for us to see that they do not belong to those words..but to natural development yet thereby contain Infinite Light that we are being given the opportunity to channel. 


 By recognizing Elokim and realizing that spiritual environment we are in, helpless, no control, yet thru love and emunah, we can move forward with free will to bring good into the world, for that is His Will and an expression for which He designs us and instructs us to do through the giving of the Torah.

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