Take Heart – Reframe for the Pain

Oh not this again, this hurts so much

I find myself once again in the slush.

What can I do to protect my essence

From ever having to re-live this experience?

I want to place a great divide

Between me and this so I may hide.

I want to live and feel alive

Without these feelings so in-stride.

I don’t care what else I have to give up.

Nothing is worse than this pit of glup.

I’ll do without

Forever if need be,

In order to avoid this

And to be truly free.

And so I set about a plan

That did indeed work for a span.

But then, because Hashem loves me so

He brought circumstances so that I would truly let go.

It was His Kindness that allowed me to grow

To heal and to strengthen before the next blow.

But because He has a plan

For each and every soul, His Clan,

He wants our lives to fulfill

The mission of doing His Will.

So first we must comprehend

That His Will is for us to apprehend

That He is all loving and does everything

Yet we are the messengers for the King.

He does not want that our mission be lost

Just because our feelings get tossed.

He wants us to see that He is in all

And is knocking at our door, but don’t fall!

Hashem has returned to me my soul

Today with faith that I will see the call!

If I open the message of pain

That hurts like a nerve in my brain,

And if I call out to Him from my heart

Understanding that such effort is my part,

That message of pain peels off revealing

A light that is simcha and healing.

I just need the stamina to know its not true

those messages that make me blue,

I just need to remember that He is One

And the essence is compassion,

That with my will I ask that instead

That compassion be able to come to my head.

And from there to my heart

So that I may impart

That compassion in a deed

Or a learning or prayer

and then His Light may shine everywhere.

How can I trust that indeed this is so?

Why should I let go of the coping I know?

Whoever taught that we are a door

Through which compassion may pour?

And why should I trust

When cry I feel I must

That the very pain I feel

Is the vehicle?

Just take a look at what we are

A breath is the difference between here and afar.

The body is meant to return to the dust

Yet what maintains it, asking is a must!

Surely we see there is much more to think

About our existence than just a blink.

If we look past our desires

and lift our eyes higher

we see there is One

A Creator of the sun.

And we see we are part

Of His Divine Will

He loves us forever

And does not stand still,

until we find our joy in Him

For that is what happens

when we reveal Him.

What is our objection to this vision?

The etz hadaas led us to confusion.

But embrace the truth with no shame

Each one of us is designed the same,

So that in recognizing the true One

We bring good here under the sun.

It may come in a package with pain

Like anger, fear, or even shame.

We may want to run and hide

But instead we reach inside.

And recognize the essence covered

And tell Hashem we have discovered

A spark of compassion trapped in mud

That we wish to use to reveal His love.

And with such emunah and resolve

We may proceed to bring good and dissolve

The messages that brought the pain

Fade into oblivion releasing the strain.

All knowing that we will once again be here

But now we understand not to fear

We do not have to run away

We do not have to go astray.

We cannot stop Hashem from bringing

our attention to the healing.

Because He loves us and we are One

He desires we bring good under the sun

a good that comes to us encased

In messages we wish to erase.

Thus we see how great is He

Who loves us unconditionally

Who believes in us and only asks

That we recognize the truth at last.

So please take heart

And comprehend our part.

Doing so will bring blessing you know

Not only to our heart but to the world – from our heart!

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