Take Heart – With spiritual eyes, we can respond to our circumstances without believing “fake news”!

In trying to internalize what Rabbi Nir Menussi teaches in Anatomy of the soul from Rabbi Ginsburg about the keter – emunah, taanug and ratzon – I began having more strength to see that whenever I came to a self-conscious emotion or thought, I immediately spoke it to Hashem and requested that the Shechina in exile that fell into pleasure animating that thought or emotion please be uplifted with my love back to its proper level of emunah. In so doing, my intention is to nurture with that fallen pleasure awareness of Hashem’s Will – His ratzon – chochma. Whatever happened was carefully thought through by Hashem and He implemented it in order to give me the experience of the thought or emotion.

Knowing that Hashem does only what is in my very best interest, the fact that it might not feel good is “fake news, ” for if I could forsee all of the outcomes from Hashem’s perspective, I probably would not be having a negative reaction. That said, I AM having a negative reaction but what I choose to do with it is to submit to His Will, His chochma, and then what?

Hashem fills all the worlds. He desires for His Light to come into this world. How? Through Torah learning, mitzvahs, prayer, and chesed. Thus, when I am aware that this is His Will and that He alone is sending this package of Shechina in exile to me, I have the opportunity to utilize every drop of what is flowing through me in the form of a mitzvah, a blessing, or any vessel bigger than my self interest that Torah tells us is His Will.

The message and what fills the thought and emotion are not an integrated whole, despite the way it appears – hopeless, desperate, angry, fearful,and the like. Truly.

Hashem packaged Shechina in exile in that message but when we undergo the apparently integrated experience and tell Him that we want to not want this integrated experience but rather to utilize what fills the message instead for a mitzvah and to please give us an idea how to do that, then our intention and will have “run” the fallen pleasure back to its Source. And now we wait for the idea for where to place that Shechina – as the soul for an act of Torah learning, prayer, chesed or mitzvah. And this is Hashem’s will – that He, as the soul of the world, be brought into this world through our speech and deeds, thereby rectifying the four foundations of earth, wind, water and fire.

So, if this image of “fake news” helps us to spot the zuhamatic projections that convince us that its messages are the truth, then let us begin to bring our will to His Will. And may the hidden bias in the world to bring blessing sprout.

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