Take Heart – Holiness Abounds

No matter what we see
No matter what we hear
No matter what we believe
No matter what we fear

There is holiness here
There is good everywhere
There is a way to draw it out
For salvation to sprout.

What is that way
That we may draw it out?
Name the feelings and pray,
then make a good deed come about.

Such is awareness
And trust in Him too,
One act of kindness
Reminds us we can be like You.

For He is all
And we are a part,
Even though we fall
We stay close in our heart.

Truth come close!
Help me absorb a dose!
Holy is He
Controlling all we see.

His Plan is to give
So we may live,
When we see through
The veils of blue.

When will we awaken
Do we need to be shaken?
That everything we see
Is nothing but He?

We are built to try
To stay nearby
In prayerful tears
To quiet our fears.

And action then take
Do a mitzvah for the sake
Of declaring we know
That You run the show

To be
Means we are free,
Your Love pervades all
Big or small

We bow and we pray
Every moment of the day
To stay in our mind
With You Who is Kind.

Holy are You
Supernatural too.
Real as can be
Although we don’t see.

We trust and believe
And to You we cleave
For there is no Other
You are father and mother

In teshuva we stand
For clinging to a frand
That You bestow
To toss us to and fro.

Bonded are we
To a natural remedy.
But with will we release
Holiness with our kiss.

And then You respond
Ever so fond
With the blessings we need
And we are truly freed.

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