Chesed brings us strength and geula – but what does it take? 11 clips from Rav Asher Freund

The world stands on Torah, prayer, and kindness

Our propensity for self focus can be re-organized to become an incredible flow of light into the world.

Seeing how we believe something other than this makes all the difference in our being able to make the repair in our willful deeds.

In order to hold steady over what may feel like fiery coals as we use real free will to pull the light away from our drive to implement for our survival and natural thinking, we hold onto a superior wisdom – Torah – and an Infinite love – Hashem.

There is no happiness or joy in the world until Hashem’s Light is here in a revealed way.

There is a truer reality we may choose to effortfully reveal while we have real free will. The performance of Torah learning, mitzvahs, prayer and chesed are the channels for the light of Hashem to reach this world.

He is doing everything. We choose to be a channel.

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