Take Heart – Our soul is a part of Hashem’s compassion implicitly

What can each one of us do to bring a new light into this world in actuality?

Would it surprise you to know that we have the potential to be a portal for light to shine into the world from the very place we are experiencing pain?

Hashem is doing everything and He is all loving. This is the essence of truth. Yet He gives us real free will and creates an alternative experience by concealing Himself as Elokim.

Our real free will is to trust and believe that we are an implicit part of His Compassion ready to shine into acts of kindness and mitzvahs. How do we do this when we are experiencing natural reactions?

Emunah requires both the understanding of what it means to be “nothing” along with the understanding of the active power of will and speech. When we experience emotional pain, the essence of all – compassion – is inferior to the truth – that Hashem is doing everything and that He is all loving. Obviously that truth is concealed. Yet, with our free will, we have the personal prayerful use of speech to tell Hashem that we are having compassion upon the Shechina in exile that has agreed to be bound by the painful messages we are experiencing. In having compassion upon our very soul, we tell Hashem that we desire for this compassion to nurture our awareness of Him, of Torah, of His Kindness. Such a prayer expands our wisdom, from where our drive to implement what we believe to be true is improved and is able to reveal compassion rather than pain.

Just through will, our personal prayer submits to Hashem the “material” reality of our personalities and experience.

We acknowledge that there is compassion being experienced that is inferior to the truth.

The truth is that Hashem is doing everything, that He loves us, and that we are “nothing” except a part of Him and have no independent power.

We will for that compassion to re-connect to Him.

We ask that the compassion nurture awareness of His Love and Mercy and Torah.

We implement an understanding based on expanded awareness of Hashem that removes the painful messages that previously were attaching to our soul. The sefira that flow through us are thus more recified.

Our heart is ready to direct through our speech and deeds that compassion. And these actions express our true essence and form our eternal identity.

This willing and praying is what we can do to help the actualization of a new light into the world. And then mitzvahs, learning, and kindness.

This is the purpose for which Hashem creates man, to bring His Light into the world in a way that does not nullify the appearance of the world.

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