Take Heart – Build a Truer Home in This World

The basis of what I am going to say is Rabbi Asher Freund on what he told his community on the new year Rosh Hashana, as the purpose for Rosh Hashana and our lives.

He told them that when we die, the soul wants to go to the infinite light. What greets us are dark creatures that tell us “you created us, you have to come with us” and they feel familiar and comfortable and we cannot resist going with them, even though we want to go to the light. Rabbi Asher Freund taught his congregation how to be able to go to the light. What we are asking for on Rosh Hashana when we ask for another year of life is so that we have more time to put into place our plan. The plan is to work on going to the light over these familiar comfortable entanglements.  On Rosh Hashana, we commit that, while we are alive, we have a plan to make an effort to empty the mis-placed compassion from the familiar and comfortable unhealthy patterns, urges and impulses. We ask for another year in order to bring to Hashem the release of kedusha from the darkness to be revealed as light. We [pray to Him to give us year so that we may continue to make every effort to break free, to redeem that compassion embedded in our familiar patterns, so that we may develop patterns that reflect G-d-Consciousness.

This is the basis for what I am going to elaborate upon.

When we are young we live in a home-  whether it’s functional or dysfunctional, whether there is love, whether there is yelling, whether there’s abuse- it is the association of what we attached to.  That is what is familiar and comfortable.People who work with foster children see that the children wish to return to their natural parents even though the foster homes may be far healthier.

This is the impression that naturally develops deep within our subconscious and unconscious mind, and to us, that familiar and comfortable recognition feels like love, even though it can be very destructive or self-destructive.

 Most of the time, we are not aware of this influence.  It is coursing through our nervous system and through our thinkingandn atu naral urges and impulses at a level below the radar.  It may even be something that is good for which we stand up for and judge correctly! It may be something we have knowledge from our education about! Nevertheless, it is causing unhappiness in some way.

The purpose of what I am going to try to show right now is that there is compassion that is part of the soul of the life force that G-d gives to every person, including a young child, that is actually trapped and animating that association and causing us to remain in an often-times painful pattern, simply because it is familiar and comfortable and feels like love.

We are not awake to how that is the cause of our difficulty.- in a relationship, at work, with food, or in our emotional state. Instead we attempt to ascribe why we are feeling the pain – it is her fault, it shouldn’t be this way,  it’s my fault, I’m no good,  he is no good, life stinks.  This is what happens naturally because of how our natural thinking, urges and impulses are constructed.  From the time we are born, this bond exists between the soul and the body because the soul is placed in a physical body that is run by the forces of nature. Every one of us is born into this because this is the design.

 We have the Torah, which tells us two basic truths. Hashem is doing everything and Hashem loves us.

How do we reconcile these two truths with the pain and the blame that we naturally experience? When are willing to see ourselves as a ray of compassion in a body, and we understand the place we have been placed and how the natural existence that has no independent power is our mortal but external reality, we have a handle upon our inner world.

 G-d  gives of His compassion to the natural forces so that we have real free will. Hashem agrees to have his infinite light concealed in this pain in order that we have the opportunity to recognize that there is no other Power. He is the ray that is our soul and He is the Elokim determining our every footstep. What are we?

 in that moment, we are having an experience of Elokim, Who is all loving and Who is doing everything..In this moment, He is giving us the free willed choice and opportunity to uplift what is familiar and comfortable from our home of origin to our eternal home and mature, truer identity in this world.

We are created to effect a repair on the four foundations, earth, wind, water and fire.  This is our chance!

 By having compassion on the compassion that is stuck in the pain,  as soon as we have compassion on the compassion, we are recognizing our Creator and once again associating with being a ray from His Love.  We see that he is doing everything and that He is all loving. We realize we are completely dependent upon God. We ask that the compassion that is trapped in the pain please instead nurture our awareness that Hashem is doing everything, that Hashem is all loving.  We ask that the Torah and middos harachamim be richer and fuller in our wisdom, so that when it comes to our next step of acting, we are implementing an action or saying something from a place that reveals His true compassion and  love.  The reality that He is doing everything comes through us into the situation because it changes  the way that we look at the people and the situation for the better.We can take an action or say something that will actually bring His compassion to the world.

What happens when we do this is that the place in our heart from our home of origin that was previously trapped in something familiar and comfortable yet problematic, that was giving us a message that felt to us like love, becomes free of those messages and now is able to shine light into the world while we are alive. Those negative painful messages that are part of the mortal externality of our existence can be exchanged! We are given real free will to develop a truer mortal externality while alive, one that will bring us more happiness because it will be the expression of Hashem’s Torah, mitzvahs, and compassion.

While alive, we are going to the light, walking with the compassion past the familiar and comfortable messages  as they flow through our subconscious and unconscious habits, patterns, urges and impulses.

And after 120 years, when we are no longer alive and our soul wants to go to the light and these dark creatures come and say “you created us, you have to come with us”, they will not feel familiar and comfortable because we won’t even recognize them.   We will be able to go to the light.

 The role of mankind is to have a relationship with God whereby we bring the compassion from where it is concealed within us and find a way to express it so that the compassion shines and not the pain.

In order to have such a relationship with God, we realize that God has willingly placed himself into the hands of nature and created the possibility for us to misunderstand familiar and comfortable patterns as who we are! These patterns, urges and impulses are NOT who we are.  They are externalities given to us to place us in contact with the four foundations earth, wind, water and fire so that we have opportunities  to redeem the pure soul that is compassion from this dark natural place in our unconscious and subconscious and raise it high, to nurture the truth that we know is true, that Hashem is doing everything, that He loves us, and that we are here to reveal that love in the world and to make an impact on the world by bringing that compassion in our own unique way to the world.

it is up to us to take what seems integrated  -mainly the feeling and strength of the feeling with the messages that are familiar and comfortable  -and realize that the strength of the feeling can be re-channeled to a higher and greater home than the home of our natural origin.

 We can bring that compassion to our true home, back to the One, the only One,  the only Being that actually is alive, that actually exists and that is doing everything.  When we try, He answers.

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