Take Heart – A Personal Prayer

There is a Creator and He creates the world including me.  The Creator surrounds all worlds.  The Creator fills all worlds.

Thank you Hashem for returning my soul to me. Abundant is Your faithfulness that I will serve You in a more expanded way today.

As I awaken thoughts of awareness of You begin to ebb away as the flow of practical realities come to mind.

My thinking is becoming clouded.  It is beginning to spin between what is lacking in the day and what I need to accomplish.

I am taking an extra moment right now.

I wish to declare my confidence that I am a part of Your surrounding and filling all the worlds. May this confidence replace the fragile confidence that is concealing Your compassion from flowing. I have the real free will to dependently pray that natural messages and their natural feedback of temporary pleasure that conceal Your compassion be dissolved. 

I have the real free will to pray that the compassion released may flow into this world through the resulting acts of learning Torah and doing mitzvahs and acts of kindness, through my speech and deeds as Your servant. Please help be bring that compassion into my day and my challenges.

I ask for mercy that my thinking maintain awareness of Your constant love and that You Hashem are doing everything.

Let me confess please where Your mercy is required, for by myself, my thoughts remain bonded to what is comfortable and familiar and my will is to dissolve that and release the compassion hidden in that bond.

Part of that thinking, beneath that thinking, is an undercurrent, a tide.  That tide has a coloration of what was comfortable and familiar in my home of origin, when I was forming. This lingering imprint of what is familiar and comfortable is blocking me from feeling sensitive to the task at hand in each moment of my day of revealing Your Compassion that You invest in my soul by giving it to me each day.  The messages that distract me are (be specific) and I know that these messages are filled with a compassion that is concealed from view that You have invested for my soul to receive as a seed, that it contains the healing for every matter that I am facing.  I have confidence in this truth, for You Hashem are all loving.

I am confessing and willing to go above  the messages that are a screen blocking compassion from flowing because of my fallen faith in something erroneous or unrectified.  I humbly and lovingly recognize that I am totally dependent on Hashem for all outcomes. I am praying to Hashem that the messages that are blocking and concealing compassion within the soul that contains the remedies in potential is able to connect properly back to Its Source.  May the meeting of the Infinite compassion concealed with the compassion that fills my soul flow with clarity.

By myself I cannot dissolve the bond between my soul and the comfortable and familiar messages for they are naturally ingrained and I am not in charge of nature. But You give me real free will and it is my will to not want these messages as what I put into action, for these add layers of concealment of Your compassion..

I am begging for mercy Hashem.  Have mercy on my soul so that the potential may flow as compassion.  My will is to dissolve the connection between the attraction of the body to comfortable and familiar messages so that the soul Hashem has given to me may reveal its full potential of compassion and be re-garmented into my speech and deeds and touch reality in a way that will reveal Hashem’s compassion. 

There is Infinite light that contained within the screen of messages and thoughts that occupies my mind in a whirl of despair and control.  That Infinite light contains a seed of healing that I have confidence is there. May Hashem have mercy upon my soul and may I receive  the potential of compassion from a concealed place in my thinking so that I  may fill Torah and mitavahs and acts of compassion with it. 

Thank you for my life, thank you for real free will, thank you for the raw material that Hashem gives me by being alive that I can bring forth with free will to rectify kedusha from a concealed state to a revealed state through dependence on Hashem and prayer and asking for mercy. 

Please have mercy on my soul.  I will for all of the life force and energy that Hashem is sending into this world through the surrounding way and in the filling way to be unified and heal my thinking.  May Hashem have mercy upon me so that my will to embrace the privilege of re-garmenting them form a strong channel for the light to come into this world.  May the Torah, learning, prayer and compassion that my speech and deeds bring sanctify Your Name.  May the whole world will see that there is Hashem.

Please may this teshuva be a merit, a healing, a blessing, a cancellation of gezeira and a satisfaction of din for the soul as it exists in myself my family, klal yisrael and the world. 

Even though we are all in separate bodies that appear as separate vessels, what Fills all the worlds is Hashem alone and each o e of us has the ability to affect a unique repair that Hashem has designed our unique souls to do.

Therefore may the repairs that we as individuals may choose to do improve the flow of compassion into the world by rectifying the characteristics within us.  Please grant us our will, to be clear lenses for Hashem’s love to flow into this world.  My confidence comes from trusting that You grant such a will, for our soul is a part of Hashem’s compassion implicitly

Here is what my day looks like today (be specific.)  Please may my lens remain clear and I should re-garment the compassion that You wish to come into this world in every moment and in every breath.

I am stepping into my day connected to the root of Your Compassion, to be a channel.  Thank you for my life.

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