From light proof to translucent – every moment we have kedusha running through us is our opportunity to conceal or reveal compassion

Rav Asher story -The list of questions

Rabbi Asher Freund shows us over and over again how the nefesh behema(developed within our bodies interacting in the world) is the one naturally dominating our hearts from birth – an old familiar friend. Yet within us is a nefesh elokis, a spiritual creation of Hashem that is designed to repair the elements earth, wind, water and fire from an unrectified state to a rectified state.

Rabbi Asher Freund, by his own example and in the stories of those who were close to him, shows us this place over and over again. For our self-image messages, we find this place painful to admit and we want to push back. To that place within us, it feels like we are hurting ourselves and that it can’t be necessary to go that far, that surely we “deserve” to have “some respect or consideration.”

I am positive that everyone reading this is experiencing a question mark, like “what is wrong with that?!”

So I don’t want anyone to feel hurt or be put off, yet it is compassionate of Rabbi Asher to tell us how we are made so that we may experience the true simcha of living and the fulfill the universal mission of the Jewish people as well as our individual missions. With this said, do I have permission to proceed, to share this spiritual makeup so that we are not kidnapped by the forces that wish only our destruction, enjoying the meager kickbacks of pleasure given to the nefesh behema so that we fall into the dark? Please continue only by holding on tightly to the image of Hashem’s Name Havaya, to the compassion that radiates from His Throne of Honor, with the intention of bringing any strong kedusha that arises from these words to that light, with will, with emunah, with bitachon, in unity.

Within us is a nefesh elokis, a spiritual creation of Hashem that is designed to repair the elements earth, wind, water and fire from an unrectified state within the nefesh behema that are light proof to the kedusha within it. The nefesh elokis is built to absorb that kedusha from the grips of the light proof messages that latch onto it so that the nefesh behema may reflect light into the world.

How does the nefesh elokis make this repair? Hashem designs this inner light to bring the kedusha in the unrectified elements to Him WHEN we use our real free will to choose to be a channel. Hashem answers our prayers when we will that He remove the natural yet concealing “light proof” messages of self-interest from the surrounding light, which is an Infinite Light, so that the nefesh habehema re-garment all of the light into thoughts speech and deeds that reveal His Light, for Hashem is One.

Our role is to comprehend the difference between the kedusha and the messages, to have emunah, to will to be a channel across which the kedusha is returned to Hashem. What happens when a soul leaves a body? It perishes. Likewise with the light proof messages – when we will and ask, Hashem activates our nefesh elokis – He designs our soul to do this -and guess what? Bye bye messages. Now we are free to design new messages based on Torah and mitzvahs and compassion for that light. In so doing, we – being made of the four foundations earth/solid, water/liquid, air/gas, and fire/radioactive – are the conduits through which Hashem’s Infinite Light comes into the world. We do not do anything but will, pray, and trust. Hashem is doing everything, including giving us the ability to will, pray and trust. Yet we have real free will.

What is the goal? the goal is that our nefesh elokis become the dominant force within our being, with the nefesh behema serving the goals of Torah, mitzvahs and compassion.

Feeling a push back?

Great! That is kedusha. What is the message? Check its address!!! Is it self-interest? Now comes the tough part. Ahem. Pardon me, I mean no hurtfulness, and I apologize for causing distress but we are nothing but a clump of dirt. We will all return to being a clump of dirt, which is at the present moment gifted with kedusha. However, the goal of being given kedusha is ONLY so that we may serve Hashem in the manner that He desires, in relationship, to bring that Infinite light from our light proof messaging system into thought speech and deeds so that the foundations of the world may reveal Hashem. Hashem’s Infinite light must come into the world in this fashion in order that a world appear. Otherwise, that Infinite Light would nullify the appearance of a world. Are we beginning to see how great is Hashem?

Imagine all that He does for us – food, warmth, color, love – all so that we are happy in His Service. Yet, we are in His Service. And we have the natural tendency to become light proof, believing in protecting our self-interest.

Rabbi Asher Freund leads us to see this place within us with tremendous compassion so that we are not afraid to look at this place. Rather, we are strengthened in emunah and ahavas Hashem in order to come to live a truer reality, ein od milvado, with simcha and ahavas yisrael, with unity and compassion and peace.

Our light proof messages are the best logic of the despair/gaiva cycling our natural thinking develops. It feels like we are being dragged over fiery coals to will to go above our urges and impulses in this regard. How well has all our light proofing messaging served us? Are we closer or farther from each other? Are we feeling like givers or takers? Are we feeling like preserving ourselves is our mission, to keep our light from being drained or damaged by others?

When we strengthen ourselves with consciousness and emunah, we begin to move to a place of compassion. we have compassion upon the kedusha that is concealed in the light proof messages. As soon as we move to compassion, we are one with Hashem!! We have pierced the light proofing! From there, Hashem helps.

May we begin to see our personal light proofing as holding us back from simcha, not as self-preservation.

May we have compassion on the kedusha concealed within those messages and ask Hashem to please help us reveal His Light.

May we keep in mind that revealing this Light is our universal and individual mission, returning the fallen sparks, so that Hashem may be revealed in this world.

May our effort to do so be a merit, a blessing, a healing, a teshuva, a cancellation of gezeira and a satisfaction of din for the soul as it exists in ourselves, our families, klal yisrael and all of mankind.

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