Paradigm shift when we are triggered – the potential for real simcha

We are responsible to bring the implosion of emotions triggered by our experiences to blessings in this world.

Along with every moment of life, we experience thoughts and emotions, some constricting, some reactive, some prideful, some lustful, some validating, some arrogant and more. What is this for? Is it for us to act upon these thoughts and emotions, garmenting them into actions and speech? NO!

We need a total paradigm shift.

Let’s say we are experiencing something and we are analyzing it and come up with a judgment based on our best assessments. REALIZE THAT IN THIS SET OF FEELINGS AND JUDGMENTS IS KEDUSHA TO BRING FROM THE KELIPAS TO HOLINESS. The question – what does Hashem want from me right now – can be re-stated as – what merit, blessing, teshuva, healing, or compassion may I re-garment this kedusha as?

The Baal Shem Tov teaches us that whatever we may judge another is being shown to us because our nefesh elokis is designed to make this repair in the world. To do so, the first step is to realize the implosion is an opportunity to bring blessing into the world and NOT damages.

Once this realization sits with us as the truth, we investigate our human nature to find where we, being human, have experienced this same situation from the place of the other person. Since we are all receiving our nature from the same place, it is safe to assume that we will find understanding we have given to ourselves for when we have been there and done that.

There is a story of a Rav who stopped seeing people until he could find the place within himself, even if just a small taste, to relate to the sin confessed to him by one man. Until he could find it, he did not feel qualified to hear from anyone, for he had not reached the place of emptying himself necessary to help. Once he did, he resumed.

This quality is called shifless. It is realizing that Hashem is doing everything. It is facing our blocks regarding the place Hashem has put us in this world, a soul in a body that is in constant contact with both Hashem’s love and the projections of zuhama that are attractive to our natural self-interested tendencies.

When we are experiencing an implosion and we have the emunah that this is the design of man, placing us in the grip of the projections of zuhama, we are then able to ask ourselves not what shall we do about this but rather, how may I convert this kedusha into healing and blessing and teshuva? If we do this within our own personal middos, we are doing it for the soul as it exists in ourselves, our families, and klal yisrael. THIS is what Hashem wants from us in the moment, to submit to the real task of re-garmenting kedusha into compassionate revelation. When we then step into the matter, His Light shines into the world.

May we see the truth of this and find this paradigm shift attractive and empowering.

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