Recognize Hashem as the Source of all pleasure and life!

We learn emunah from asking ourselves, where does milk come from? The refrigerator? The store? The cow? The grass? The sun? These questions help us see that the Source is the Creator Himself.

Thus, if there is something that is lacking within our field of vision, in our lives, in our hearts, Who do we turn to?


Hashem wants relationship with us.

Adom HaRishon saw the potential of the world ready to sprout, but it required that Adom ask Hashem for rain.

Just as the planet spins on its own axis, it also revolves around the sun. This is an analogy for each person on earth. We are totally responsible for our unique universe. However, we must not forget that our entire orientation is revolving around Hashem as One in the center.

He is the Source of all happiness. He, and He alone.

This simple truth eludes us when we experience despair. What is the despair for?

Is it to claim that we know what is best and then attempt something that might hurt ourselves or another? Or is it to bring us to comprehend that if such a despair is felt, then Hashem is asking of us to find our happiness in serving Him, through accepting His Will, despite how our own unique universe feels like it may be faltering. Tears. Pain. Loss. Horror.

So many emotions full of kedusha, rotating around our understanding of our universe. What happens when we cry out to Hashem and tell Hashem that we understand our primary role is to release this kedusha from our unique universe so that it may be restored to its pristine compassionate state.

How do we do this?

I recognize that this is an emanation from Hashem and it is wonderous in my eyes. I accept that there will be no natural happiness until Hashem’s compassion revealed in this world becomes the new natural. Therefore, I submit all of my thinking into His Love and find my happiness within His Will. My pursuit is to use real free will to do what I may with each breath to thank and praise and to ask to be a channel to reveal His Compassion, the universal currency of the entire creation.

Let us raise the bar on our pursuit of happiness to the joy and gladness that will be revealed when a new light shines, and may our entire life be devoted to mitzvahs and kindnesses with that in mind, without distraction for what we may also enjoy but not as an end in itself. Hashem in the center. He is One.

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