Understanding shame in the context of bread of shame

The Ramchal teaches that Hashem desires to give us the ultimate good – the sensing of His Love – for all eternity. So that we do not experience a sense of shame in receiving such a gift without effort, Hashem gives us real free will in this world to remain focused on Him over our natural will.

Wh sat happens naturally though is that we begin to feel a sense of shame from external influences in this world. It is an endless list. What is it for?

If we think of ourselves as the physical being that we are, a solid block of an identity, shaming in this world is devastating and destructive. But if we open ourselves so that the lightning strike of shaming comments passes through us and circles back towards Hashem – with our free willed intention of depleting the kedusha in the hands of the Soton that pulls us towards being a solid block able to be damaged by shame in this world – we actually make the choice of a lifetime that frees us for all eternity from the bread of shame. Every thought is being sent from Hashem in order to give us choice. We may cling to Hashem is One and we are part of He that cannot be shamed OR I must react.

Rabbi Asher Freund explains h0w good humiliation is for us for this reason. It breaks off of our natural thinking the misconceptions about our this world identity, often flooded with self-image. This frees our natural mind to become the channel to flow that same kedusha into the world by choosing to garment it in a blessing or a mitzah or an act of compassion.

Imagine if we experience riveting shame from someone and instead of reacting we say thank you Hashem, may the kedusha in the messages I am experiencing be returned into the world as a merit, a healing, a blessing, a teshuva, a cancellation of gezeira, and a satisfaction of din for the soul as it exists in myself, my family, klal yisrael and the world. May the experience of shame no longer be powerful over us in a negative way, but only to help us be a channel for its inner light in a manner that reveals Your Love. To be able to make such a statement reflects great emunah and bitachon in the true structure of the world. Hashem is One. He is doing everything. We are temporarily here to serve as a conduit of His Compassion. We are given the Torah to recognize what our role is, and to lovingly serve Him, knowing that our nefesh elokis is experiencing the pleasure of connection to Him at all times regardless of how covered over our natural will may be sending us confused messages.

May we each be aware of the light we conceal when we shame others. May we each be aware of the light we conceal when we believe we are shameful. May we realize instead our position of malchus, of humility and dependence on the King and see what comes to us for the request He is sending – be a channel, submit to the purpose for which this is sent, to bring the kedusha from a raw state to a revealed state through what we say and do. When we comprehend the place our nefesh elokis has been sent in order to serve Hashem, we realize that our natural responses are externalities and not our essence, despite how devastatingly pervasive and throttling it may feel. That power is kedusha Hashem is asking us to channel into the world through our speech and deeds through a mitvah or learning or prayer or an act of compassion. We will to go above what we want to do naturally. This is recognition of Hashem, and activates His Love which utilizes our nefesh elokis to then do the repair.

He does everything except we recognize Him and the design. This is our entire effort and our great opportunity while alive.

May we train ourselves in hisbodidus to see our gut reactions and natural will that are truly externalities with kedusha for us to bring to expression in Torah, avoda and chesed.

And may we realize how our choice to do so brings a spark of light into the world that is eternal and healing. Shamed or redemption from bread of shame – how shall we live?

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