Etching G-d On

When feeling sad or overblown

Or if feeling very low,

Whatever is being shown

We were shown to know.

There is nothing but He

Whose love fills all.

So When grumbles rise high

Run back to His Call.

His Love comes through

At times in wrapping

That gives us pain

And feels like a trapping.

We are shown to know

So that when we fear

We see love He flows

So we may turn a gear.

For we are a part

Of His Love as One

And bring joy to our heart

When His Will is done.


Kedusha is the Infinite light Hashem conceals within our experiences. That kedusha contains the pleasure that our nefesh elokis experiences at all times in relationship with Hashem, even though we experience it as lack or pain.

Our challenges to our natural will become our opportunity to submit what feels like our existence absent emunah. This opportunity requires us to view the challenge through emunah, which is the faith within us that – unconsciously to us – comprehends that the highest part of our nefesh elokis (which came to this world to be a channel for this Infinite Light) is yearning to fulfill.

This emunah has the pleasure of the nefesh elokis with Elokim as its power. That pleasure is unconscious to the lower intellect. Yet, because it is embedded in our nefesh elokis and is in our hearts, it helps us go above our natural reasoning and make an effort. Our effort to submit our heart brings the Infinite Light concealed in the kedusha that is animating our negative experience is our hishtadlus. By running to love for Hashem and emunah with awe, our natural intellect contracts itself from the painful cycle so that a higher intellect aware of Hashem and His Love may enter our hearts. We are then able to keep the Infinite light that is freed from the negative messages and attach instead to Hashem’s love. Our speech and deeds are filled by this Infinite light, providing garments for it and the light shines through us into the world, along with blessings and healing and rectification and redemptive influence.

When we say thank you for our challenges, it means that our lower intellect is on board to submit our heart, trusting that it, the lower intellect, can become a clarified and mature intellect capable of then adopting a persona of the image of Hashem.

Hashem is one.

His Infinite light can only come into the world through Elokim

He forms a nefesh Elokis in us that  is able to extract His Infinite Light from where it must be concealed

He, not we, activates our nefesh elokis to flow compassion from concealment to revelation when we properly submit our hearts.

Emunah is knowing that our nefesh elokis is built to do this and longing to do so. Loving Hashem is part of that and where we run, beneath our experiences. Recognizing elokim, love concealed in the zuhamatic projection, is the intellectual step of emunah that recognizes and relates the nefesh elokis with the task of showing compassion to the elokim concealed in our challenges. This is the focus for our hisbodidus, for our confessions, so that our lower intellect can mature.

The goal is for our lower intellect to be clean of believing the misconceptions offered by the zuhama, thereby redeeming the shechina in exile so we may shine that compassion into the world as pure, so the infinite light may be seen in this world.

Tefillah for the end of Yesod week…Ben Ish Chai

May it be Your will Hashem our G-d, G-d of our fathers that the force of the sfira that we counted sweetens all of the severe judgments we may have generated against ourselves.

In the past, we may have acted negatively in the way we expressed any of the seven dimensions of yesod. Let full rectification take place through the sfira we counted this

Please merciful King who is full of grace, let your kindness extend to us, who trust in you even though we may have transgressed in our middas Ha Yesod both in this incarnation
and in previous incarnations. We have had forbidden relations, visually exploited others, and thought sinfully and brought about the grievous sin of spilling seed in vain. We have
OF SPEECH AND OF TZNIUS) this generates spiritual separation between us and You. We may have caused the forces generated by Your name to be misdirected and
“captured” by the forces of ungodliness when instead of cleaving to You, we sought refuge in tumah.
We are embarrassed by our deeds, and tremble before Your judgment. We know that we can return to You, because of Your mercy. Draw back all of the holy sparks that we have
scattered though our lack of focus upon Your will. You Hashem reject no one!

Make us worthy of walking Your path in the merit of Yosef HaTzadik, establish Yerushalaim once more as our core and center of our focus! Elevate the tzadikim and bring about the era of Moshiach ben Yosef (the era of the physical redemption of Eretz

Let this all be Your will.

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