“I” as a thought of Hashem gives persona

Hashem is One and the Creator, the cause of all.

As any artist knows, a thought comes to mind and then the artist attempts to convey that thought. When Hashem, Who is all love, thinks of what He desires to create, His Love encompasses it. His Infinite love cannot come into this world and there still be a world. Thus He thinks of a way to bring kedusha into the world in a concealed way.

He also creates our nefesh elokis to match!

His concealed love is known as Elokim.

We are nefesh elokis.

The superconscious of the nefesh elokis is called the keter, the crown and it has powers and goes far beyond what our intellect can access. This is because it is hewn from Hashem’s throne of honor and is pure, and is created to do a repair.

What repair is it created to do?

The repair is to draw the kedusha that is hidden in Elokim from the concealed place and bring it into the world enclothed in our speech and deeds so that His Love and Infinite light shine in this world and the world continue to be apparent, not nullified by that Infinite light.

Who does this drawing forth?

Hashem through an arousal from above, a bestowing of chesed.

What brings forth this arousal from above?

The arousal from below that brings forth this arousal from above is our will to recognize, relate to and to love Hashem in every moment, our will to submit our intellect and interpretation knowing that is only there for us to discern the true Cause, the apparent nothingness that is, in fact, awareness of Hashem is One. And to trust that by so doing, He will do the rest.

Our attitude of gratitude for life for our sense of self-image and the painful emotions that we endure due to our being a soul in a body that is placed into a world where Elokim is concealed grows through the power of emunah that He builds into the nefesh elokis. When we feel far away from Hashem, we have a distant remembrance of being One with Him that we can awaken, a love for Him, as described in the Song of Songs and elsewhere. This yearning for His revealed love is an inner fire that we may ignite, acknowledging that all of what we experience emotionally is there only so that we may seek and connect back to Him, Hashem Echad. We do not want the negativity to be what we enact. Rather, we use the power of will within the nefesh elokis to recognize Hashem and ask that we be a channel to bring all of the kedusha in what we are experiencing through to this world so that His Love may be revealed. This will and prayer, this yearning, is the arousal from below that is our effort. It rqquires understanding of our nature to the degree that we comprehend how our interpretations are being triggered solely to give us access to Infinite Light for us to hopefully channel into this world. NOT TO ACT OUT IN DAMAGING SPEECH OR DEEDS. Then, with emunah, we wait. Hashem activates the nefesh elokis and gives us the opportunity to be the channel across which the kedusha flows, and we then enclothe it in Torah, mitzvahs, chesed or learning so that compassion flows into the world, rectifying the four foundations earth wind water and fire in the process.

Obviously we have no idea how to do that, just as it is not we who is setting our enzymes or kidney functions or other vital organs. We see that all there is in the world is Hashem in every moment, yet He gives us real free will and a way to relate with Him and ask to be that channel to bring His Light into the world.

With this understanding, it follows that it would not be correct to say that I am writing this article. I by myself cannot do anything. I am thinking of the words and wish to write this article, and Hashem, through His spiritual creations, is providing the energy and the success with each letter. The first way – that I am writing this article – leaves Hashem out of the picture and is technically for that reason gaiva. Hashem is granting me the privilege of being a channel across which these thoughts are able to come together in an article that will possibly touch the reader as I so yearn to.

A healthy tension between our feelings of success being in our hands as well as our failures being the result of our deficiencies is comprehending that He is thinking up our challenges so that we realize in those emotions that there is kedusha He is offering to us to be the channel to bring it into the world. The kedusha is being given to the yetzer hara and it is projecting it through our self-image. We have real free will. Shall we act as if we are to defend our self-image? Or shall we realize the healthy tension, recognize Hashem Echad, lovingly submit, and ask to be that channel, yearning to connect to Him and enclothe that kedusha in learning, mitzvahs, or chesed?

The shift from self-image/ego to image of Hashem, a persona as a loving servant makes all the difference for now and all eternity. May the ricocheting feelings gaiva and despair help us all to find the truth of Hashem Echad and NOT fall into the me generation definitions of life. And may the light we may be a channel for be a merit, a healing, a blessing, a cancellation of gezeira and a satisfaction of din for the soul as it exists in ourselves, our families, klal yisrael and the world. May we each serve in this way to remember Hashem Echad and gently flow into the world the Infinite Light that will usher in a new era.

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