The ingathering of exiles – could it be?

I recognize Hashem

I see the low place He has put me in order that I may have the opportunity to do His Will. Thank You for my life and the opportunity to serve You and reflect Your Light into the world and be a part of the Oneness, which is what I want to do. Thank you for creating a world where I have real free will to choose to recognize You and serve You.

By choosing to see Hashem is One, I free my intellect from natural thinking which grows out of the animal soul and which is self-interested as a result, attached and under the domain of nature which conceals You. 

I understand the opportunity to flow kedusha from where it is hidden in this bitterness. The bitterness is the emotion from reactions to the projections of that natural thinking called human nature that obscures the truth. The truth is that Hashem is One and all loving and doing everything. He places my soul in a body to rub against each other only so that I have real free will.

I want to flow the force from this seemingly bitter place because there is no other power and I wish to be a channel across which this kedusha may flow from this low place and fulfill the mission You have sent me to do by willingly unifying Your Name.

I am sending it love, knowing and recognizing it is Hashem concealed, in exile, there is no other power.

I empty all of the bitter messages into the truth and experience of Hashem’s surrounding love and Oneness

I trust that Hashem’s surrounding love will flow and absorb this trapped kedusha, and that my will to expand my intellect to the wisdom of His Love and mercy will be answered with healing messages and clarity and regulated emotions.

I don’t know what the resolution will be, but I know my role is to love Hashem with awe in order that His Love absorb the kedusha trapped in the bitterness. Hashem is One and includes me. Hashem is the Lord Elokim, concealed and I am part of the Elokim.

I trust in Hashem that the kedusha absorbed be used as blessing, a merit, a healing, a cancellation of gezeira, and a satisfaction of din for the soul as it exists in myself my family and klal yisrael.

  1. There is nothing but Hashem
  2. Hashem fills everything with His compassion
  3. Hashem surrounds everything with His compassion
  4. Hashem creates a world from a yearning to give.
  5. Hashem wants His Creations to be satisfied.
  6. Hashem gives real free will.
  7. Our existence is like that of a cursor on the screen and we are grateful for the tremendous opportunity of life.
  8. Our natural intellect grows out of the animal soul and develops with sensitivity to its urges,impulses, and beliefs.
  9. We also have a Divine soul that is bound and gagged within whatever we pursue based on intellect attuned to the animal soul. Consider this Shechina in exile, or our own soul in exile.
  10. The Divine soul within us knows in every moment that Hashem exists, loves us and is doing everything because it is totally attached to His Love and Light. Yet it is hidden in what seems to be beyond our control, a high light.
  11. Love that Divine spark that is bound and gagged within our pain and recognize that it is Hashem’s love that is surrounding us. The love we extend to it comes out of our experience of pain – our understanding of what is happening to us. Through our emunah (see 12 to 14), the love that fills us extends itself to show compassion for the Divine spark that is captive within the pain. The love we initiate is a recognition of Hashem which opens the channel for the captive divine spark that is Hashem’s surrounding love to flow into our hearts. The entire circumstance is no longer the issue – only absorbing and ingathering this spark in exile within our experience of pain. We have real free will and emunah to love Hashem and declare that we do not want this spark to be held within the darkness of our human nature. Rather, we want this spark to enter the world to bring blessing, forgiveness, healing, cancellation of gezeiras and satisfaction of din for the soul as it exists within us,our families and klal yisrael and the world. We are empowered and wish to serve as the channel for this spark to unify with Hashem’s revealed love.
  12. We are given emunah for free, through the inheritance from our avos.
  13. Accessing emunah in the moment – using the muscle of emunah to hold ourselves steady and keeping our imagination and intellect from reacting -we recognize that Hashem is filling and surrounding all and that He wants us to be a channel that reveals Him, to reflect Him into the world. Know there is Hashem and recognize He is the Only Power.
  14. Relying on our emunah means emptying all of the messages that seek to direct that fiery light towards the goals of the animal soul and in so emptying, hold ourselves steady as a vessel ready to channel that fiery light in a holy expression based on Torah, avoda, and chesed.
  15. Hashem does everything else. We submit, we separate the messages from the light, we love Hashem thereby stirring Hashem’s love for us, and we serve as a channel for the light. Hashem gives us a feeling of satisfaction in this service, a simcha that is the simcha for which we are created (not the false simcha of ego victories.) Bitachon is knowing that we may trust that the Divine spark held captive will be released and flow into this world because Hashem wants us to do our mission of serving Him as a channel. This may not look like what the animal soul hopes for. But there will be inner calm and inner peace.
  16. May our collective efforts to gather in the exiled parts of our soul produce a new and redemptive light in the world.

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