But it shouldn’t be that way!!

Everyone understands the emotions that come along with this judgment.

What we may not understand is that once we have made this judgment, what we do with it is where we have a unique opportunity to bring Torah and prayer and chesed into the picture. The alternative is to turn towards thinking the judgment and the messages that come along with it, which generally spiral us with negativity and pain and hurt.

It is totally natural that we experience this.

In fact, we just have to look at babies, toddlers, children, teens and young adults and even ourselves to see how natural it is. In fact, it would be considered “normal.” We seek empathy from our friends. Advice from lawyers. Consultation with coaches and therapists and more. All of the wisdom is directed towards how to correct “it should not be this way.” How do we make it fair, just, straight, corrective, responsible and more? These are the pathways that our pain and hurt naturally pursue.

But what if there is an entirely out of the box way to deal with it? Would we be open to hearing about that?

What if that out of the box way tells us that our function in the moment is spiritual and potentially impactful upon the entire world by bringing blessings into the world?

Would we consider setting aside all of our education, thinking, judgments, worldly wisdom and the emotions of our personal traumatic experience?

What would it take to just consider setting it all aside?

Emunah is the muscle that is needed. Will is the power given to our soul to turn in prayer to Hashem. Teshuva is the built in spiritual pathway Hashem designs this world with in order that the life force that is allocated to us may return to Him rather than flow into the darkness and despair.

The force in what we are experiencing, our life force, is at all times connected to the pure truthful reality of Hashem’s love. Everything we are feeling and thinking is like insulation over that live wire. Imagine if the force within that live wire were experienced by us as love in this very same instance. Would we be interested in setting everything else aside?

Would it help to understand that when we choose to set it all aside, we are forming an eternal identity as willing to be one with Hashem?

Perhaps the next question we would have is, well, what exactly wouldi have to do to set it aside? Is it too hard?

What if all it takes to set it aside is to recognize that the force within the experience is the Shechina in exile? Just by recognizing our Creator, hidden, and loving Him, with awe in how He has made a world and knocks on our hearts to let Him in or not, we set it all aside.

Is it too hard to recognize that every moment we are alive we are having an experience of the Shechina in exile? Hashem is hidden within nature, which is under the dominion of the Soton. By creating a world and giving us a body, Hashem is able to conceal Himself completely. Yet He gives us a soul that knows that He is there, albeit that knowledge is covered over. Torah teaches us to seek Hashem always. Recognize the Shechina in exile. Focus on Him alone, on His Power as the only power. Realize His love surrounds and fills us and awaits our opening our hearts as a channel across which that very same force may flow into the world. We are not doing it – He is. We will to be that channel by recognizing Him and setting aside everything we think we know.

Everything we think we know is derived from nature, and remember, nature is under the domain of the Soton. Remember the nachash, who deceived Eve? Its wisdom confuses us to this day, internalized, confusing us with the belief that the image it projects of us, our ego, IS us. FALSE.

“It shouldn’t be this way” is the pathway to “This is an encounter with the Shechina in exile knocking on my heart to open for it to come into this world as compassion. ” Let us choose to be the channel, sincerely, lovingly, with awe and with unity and may the kedusha we flow from the exile into revealed light permanently deplete the arsenal of the Soton and become a merit, a healing, a teshuva, a cancellation of gezeria, a satisfaction of din and a bracha for the soul as it exists in ourselves, our families, klal yisrael and all of mankind.

The power of real free will to know and recognize our Creator is emunah. The prayer we undertake is bitachon, trust.

The vision that we yearn for is Moshiach.

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