The importance of taking the time to notice and name the Force (Hashem) and where the message comes from

Pirke Avos, Mishna 4:

“He used to say: Treat His will as if it were your own will, so that He will treat your will as if it were His will. Nullify your will in the face of His will, so that He will nullify the will of others in the face of your will.”

The Artscroll Pirke Avos comments:

“While man is blessed with free choice, he would be wise at times to forgo the privilege and pray that Hashem take it away from him. When sorely tempted by the Evil inclination, man should pray: “I totally yield to Your will, dear Father. Take my free will from me; I want neither free will nor the reward for proper choice that it can bring me.” Man may then be assured that since he willfully nullified his power of free choice to the Will of Hashem, Hashem will in turn nullify the will of others – in this case, the Evil Persuader – in the face of his will (Kozhnitzer Maggid.)

The Artscroll continues, here is a short reading, regarding setting desire aside:

Nullify our will to Hashem’s will and He nullifies the will of the Evil Persuader in the face of our will

In secular psychology, there is a phrase “name to tame” that helps people get a handle on what emotionally is transpiring.

Spiritually, there is a deeper way to do this.

Often when we are experiencing the flow of emotions and thoughts, it feels like the emotion or thought IS the force.

Torah teaches us something important. There is only One Force, Hashem.

Hashem is all good and all loving. Yet He agrees to give kedusha, into the hands of the Soton with which to run nature, including our nature. Hashem gives us a mind that has the ability to know. And Hashem is the knowledge behind all that we see and experience. He conceals Himself with veils so that we, with the knowing ability He gives us, can come into a world and recognize Him by virtue of knowing there is No Other Power. For this opportunity, we are grateful, because it means we are given lifetime to develop an eternal lifetime.

If there were no veils there would be no world.

Yet we are given the knowing ability and a world in order that through our recognition, Hashem’s pure light, revealed, may flow into this world and there remain a world.

Each person has challenges and tests. Each person has what may feel like fiery coals of emotions. Yet when we know what it is for, it is possible to “name and tame” and thereby Hashem’s light may illuminate the world.

The force in our emotions is kedusha given into the hands of the Soton to project images within us, using our “knowing” abilities. Messages come through these projections which we “sign” our name to by thinking them and believing them. Realizing that these messages are false or incomplete and part of the projections and deceptions of the Soton permit us to focus completely on the force itself. When we focus on the force, and we recognize it is Hashem because there is No Other Power, and we remember Hashem’s vast lovingkindness and experience love and awe for Hashem, the force from the matter is absorbed into the love and the false messages no longer have a potency. Often, we exhale and experience the return of calm.

Here are two short readings from Parsha Emor from the Arizal teachings that explain why noticing the difference and identifying the false and the true make all the difference for us.

Why binah must be in constant connection with chochma, the orininal inception of Torah insight and Hashem’s Oneness and Love
Submission, separation, and sweetening is ego-submission and why that is crucial

And here is a short reading from shiur HaShiurim, Love Song of a Nation with commentaries by the Alshich, on Chapter 1 perek 4 that explains how acknowledging (naming to tame)reveals our longing despite our condition as souls in a beastly body. Our naming to tame IS an expression of our yearning….the emunah of our soul breaking through to open the doors for Hashem, acknowledging our condition and declaring our true will.

For more from Love Song of a Nation, click here

Listen at least to last 15 minutes

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