Why settle for ego?

Understanding how we are 0 and Hashem is 1 and Only

“If you observed the composition of an atom with a microscope, you would see a small, invisible tornado-like vortex, with a number of infinitely small energy vortices called quarks and photons. These are what make up the structure of the atom. If you focused in closer on the structure of the atom, you would see nothing, a literal void. The atom has no physical structure, thus we have no physical structure, and physical things really don’t have any physical structure! Atoms are made out of invisible energy, not tangible matter.

From this, scientists have made all sorts of discoveries, including that we create our own realities.”

Our intellect is designed by Hashem. In utero, it is the first thing that develops, closest to Him. Nine months later form the nails and hair, the farthest in time from conception. When we apply the intellect that He gives us, and we focus on the reality that He is the Knowing One who gives us the sense that we know anything, we run into barriers to that. The barriers we run into aree believing that we know better. How could that have happened? What is going on? And all the judgments that we discern with the interpretations based on our life experience that we hold on to. The interpretations are based on our development within nature and our perception of what it takes to protect our image, our bodies, our money, our families, our lives, etcetera. Yet ask, where are those interpretations coming from – are they coming from Torah or are they coming from natural reactions, experience and good advice?

How does this relate to our self esteem? From where do we derive self-esteem?

We have an inclination to follow Torah and serve Hashem. But we also have an inclination from our survival instincts, urges and impulses. Often, the latter are felt emotionally and pervasively while our inclination towards Torah remains intellectual. How can this be reversed?

Recognizing the design of the world is crucial. Hashem gives us the ability to know. Hashem is the knowledge itself, since He alone surrounds us with a body, with a world, with circumstances. Thus, His Knowledge is within our mind as well as within what He wants us to know through our perceptions. Thus far, what are we doing other than experiencing and reacting?

Realizing that we have not yet signed our name to any mitzvah or character improvement just by being reactive, what does Hashem want from us?

Hashem wants us to recognize Him as the force within what we are experiencing. He does not want us to keep our reaction, our impulse, or urge, our judgment as what we depend on for action. He wants us to recognize Him as the only Force and willingly love Him with awe. In so doing, the force that is blocking the way for what we know and what the knowledge, the truth, is to come together is removed. The block is the Shechina in exile that we are feeding by not recognizing that He is what knows within us and that He is the truth surrounding us.

This is an entirely new way of looking at life.

Our consciousness of what the projections from the Soton tell us actually block us from unifying consciousness within us with its Source.

We get much information and detail from comprehending the block. Yet we are instructed to not depend on it for action, but rather submit our interpretations with emunah and trust that by so doing, we become enveloped within the total Love and Mercy of the One Hashem Who knows and is the truth. Being a channel across which the kedusha in the block may come into this world IS the blessing we are hoping for. We don’t have control over it. We don’t move it with our hands and mouth, so we don’t feel the same certainty as when we take a specific action. Nevertheless, the One Knows and is Truth, and we are greater when we are unified with Him in this submission of what is more comfortable and tangible to us.

Remember that there really is nothing tangible that is not pure energy.

Are we beginning to catch on to how our identity is never our ego image? In fact, our ego image actually blocks us from being One with Him.

We are here to use our physical body and talents and gifts as a keyboard for channeling and directing compassion and light, not for generating pain, destruction and disunity.

The fine line is to realize that as different as we all are, there is no grounds to disrespect another’s Torah true path. Should we disagree, it must only be with the understanding that if another person is able to show us it is more emes-dik then we would adjust our view. Emes is Torah. While there are many ways of understanding different issues, each one of us is connected directly to Hashem and each one of us, in verbal introspection, is able to ask Hashem to please lead us to the truth. If we find people who are open to being led to the truth, who seek the truth, we are blessed to have them in our lives. It means that we are able to be vulnerable and feel safe emotionally because we are properly understood as seeking the truth and oneness with Hashem. In such relationships, there is no need to detach from each other, for in reality, both are unified in this quest for the truth.

May we find more and more people in our lives who desire to be closer to the truth, who remove the natural blocks that Hashem gives us to remove (He does everything else), and who are trustworthy to share our vulnerable feelings with. When we understand that the goal of our lives is to empty the blocks of the Shechina in exile, the kedusha given to the Soton with which it spins illusions and projects natural reactions within us, we are able to embrace our fears, our hurts and pains and more and comprehend them as an experience being given to us to redeem its kedusha. We are given real free will to deplete and render powerless the evil inclination. The evil inclination is what blocks us from awareness of Hashem. Instead of acting on our reactions, let’s back up and recognize Hashem and unify and serve Him with love and awe.

Here again are the steps:

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