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How do we approach internalizing ein od milvado consciousness? How do we move ourselves from self-consciousness to consciousness and unity with Hashem?

The Ramchal, in Path of the Just, takes us through in a way that is intended for us to read and re-read. For this reason, a new page has been started on this blog at Path of the Just

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This blog is about my personal journey towards consciousness of Hashem. Below is my most up to date toolbox towards this end, which I use in hisbodidus in the morning as well as in reviewing my day and more and more in the moment to help me regulate my emotions in real time. The more I do it, the more trust I have in seeing every moment as an experience of the Shechina in exile with gratitude to Him for giving me life and consciousness and the opportunity to be a channel across which the blessings He wishes to bring may flow should I succeed in emptying self-consciousness, with love for Hashem and awe in how He is doing everything, knocking on my door to see if I might open a passageway for blessing to flow into the world.

Here is the current status of my steps.

I feel anxious.I am having an experience of the Shechina in exile…there is No Other Power.  Thank YOU Hashem for life because I realize that if You were revealed, there would be no world and no life, for all would be nullified in Your Light.

You alone give me consciousness with love.You alone create these circumstances and give me a body

I am surrounded and filled by Your Love.

You want me to use the consciousness You give me to experience this anxiety so that I can recognize You in exile and be the channel across which Your blessings may come into the world.

I am surrounded by Your love and I love Hashem and in this love I purge all of the anxiety, message by message, thought by thought, emotion by emotion, recognizing that each contains Shechina in exile that is seeking to come into the world as blessing and I will to be that channel.

Breathe so that the Shechina in exile in each part may be absorbed into the surrounding light and love, empty -purge -each one. It is okay to be compassionate to each as it comes up even though the plan is to not depend on its messages. Compassion for our humanity helps. “it is understandable that I feel frantic, vulnerable, helpless,   the Shechina went into exile when I was very young before I could understand that He is doing everything. ”  Feel compassion for the frightened vulnerable child, but don’t depend on its interpretation. 

Give it the new interpretation, that Hashem is doing everything and He wants to send blessings instead of these messages. 

Recognize the intensity is the force of the Shechina in exile and absorb that.  The messages which are coming from the projection of the Soton through the zuhama – the confusion of eating the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – should then fall away.

Calm returns, and now you can think straight.

He does everything.  we recognize and we will for the blessings that He wishes to bring into the world flow through us by our purging our messages and by our trust in Him. We do not know what the salvation will look like or if it will come, but the calm means that we have served Him as a channel and NOT blocked blessing or caused damage. We are a part of HIM – He is One.

Reflect on how the illusion within self-consciousness dissipates and memorize this, so as to trust the process more and more.

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