Making our will Hashem’s Will is our true will and purpose to embrace

Erev Pesach, getting ready for the first seder, I am reviewing the ideas from the shiurim from Rabbi Mendel Kessin, Rabbi Alon Moshe Rome, Rabbi Moshe Genuth and more.

What is sinking in is that the Torah teaching to make our will Hashem’s Will is not so cryptic as it seemed the very first time I heard it. How could I sincerely take what I will and trade it for Torah learning, prayer, mitzvahs and chesed? After all, we want what we want, right?

Thus is the benefit of these shiurim this year. Together, what I glean is that what we want is, in essence NOT really what we want – it is the outgrowth the of natural life that we are born into, which is full of illusions from the Soton who is given the task of obscuring the true reality in order to give us real free will.

Hashem gives to the Soton some kedusha…the Shechina agrees to be exiled in the hands of this angel – in order that the soul of Adom has the opportunity to bring together the male expression of Hashem’s Name, yud k vav k with the female expression of His Name aleph daled nun y. Hashem fills all worlds, including every item, every circumstance, every thought and every emotion we experience. He Alone is present. He orchestrates His World through the spiritual sefira and angelic beings that He Alone fills.

When we comprehend from the Torah that we are here to redeem the Shechina in exile by simply recognizing that He is the Only Power, and we love Him, that love and awe nullify all of our will for the purpose of serving as a channel across which the Shechina in exile in our inner world is able to flow into this world.

May we comprehend this deeply. Tonight at the seder we may will to be whatever spiritual level we desire. During the next 49 days, we will effortfully draw the Shechina in exile within each of the sefira and sub-sefira across our mind and heart and return to Hashem the force that is blocked by our will and false beliefs.

May we embrace our lives with full understanding of our mission and thereby have a better attitude towards submission. May we no longer seek to live stably within the illusion of the natural order but rather to redeem the Shechina in exile from sustaining the obscuring confusion so that Hashem’s Love and Mercy are revealed to all the world.

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