Inspiration to get out of the seething waters – recognition of Hashem’s power and our spiritual purpose to serve as a channel.

Rabbi Genuth taught about the seething waters where we find ourselves as coming from wants that our imagination tells us we need but that we do not really need. From the lack of these imagined items, we go astray into damaging thoughts and deeds. The wants that our imagination tells us we need becomes the matter of focus for our behira point.

In order to regulate our emotions, we need to bring chochma and the awareness of Hashem’s constant love and complete supervision into the matter, to mature our understanding. Rabbi Rome’s shiur on Pesach helps understand our thoughts and why bringing chochma in is so beneficial. If we do not have it, it is Hashem’s decree and no other. So why do we feel so pained and what do we do to quiet that pain?

Hashem desires a dwelling place. He hides in the kedusha He gives to the Soton to run nature, including our nature. Rabbi Mendel Kessin explains how the sparks of kedusha fell into the hands of the Soton and how our primary mission is to deplete the kedusha from the Soton and empty this force from his power. There are four levels of interaction with mankind through which the Soton’s power – the fallen kedusha – manages our human nature through a system called zuhama….confusion, void, darkness, and pervasive depth, exile. The four cups of wine, teaches Rabbi Kessin, are there to remove the kedusha concealed in the zuhama. Take us out, save us, redeem us and bring us to You as a nation.

The spiritual being within us desires to redeem the Shechina in exile in what we experience. The animal soul desires what its self-referencing wants, which further conceals the Shechina because of the aveiras that we add to the concealment. The animal soul is capable of realizing that awareness of Hashem’s total control places us in the position of becoming the channel through which His Love may flow into the world, through our mind and heart. In order for the animal soul to submit itself and empty itself of its wants, the first step is to comprehend that what is attracting the animal soul is the Shechina in exile, masked by the false messages applied by the Sotoon there to tempt us. No one likes pain. No one likes to feel victimized and helpless. And that is our condition when we experience the implications of the subliminal emotional arguments that tell us that we want according to these imaginings that we are in need of it or deserve it.

At that very moment, the animal soul has the capacity to realize that this is a job for…..spiritual being!

The spiritual being is longing to redeem the spark of kedusha that is powering whatever that subliminally generated emotion is.

The circumstances now become irrelevant, in theory. However, the animal soul may be believing the force with the negative message, something like – you or she is no good, take control, this is too much, how could this be happening, how could she do this to me, and the like. If we do not have the Torah to teach us to look at TWO parts – the force and the message – they affect us together and we react in pain and despair, feeding our spiritual being into the hands of darkness.

With Torah, and with the will to go above the natural will, and the emunah to withstand the experience of the fiery coals that the zuhama drags us over, we have the real free will to focus on the power Source itself, the Shechina in exile, that spark of kedusha that is coming to be healed.

The animal soul submits and the spiritual being embraces the spark of kedusha, surrounding it in love and asking Hashem to please allow it to be a channel to draw this potent kedusha from exile so that it may integrate with Hashem’s love and so that we may reveal it as such. In so doing, we bring our thoughts and emotions which are the feminine expression of Hashem, the Shechina in exile in this world, to integrate with Torah and chochma and compassion, the male expression of Hashem, the abstract Compassion and Morality and Giver. Once we unify the names of Hashem, the male expression Yud k vav k with the female expression Aleph Dalet Nun Y within our mind and heart, the Shechina trapped in exile dissolves from the zuhama and negativity and is integrated with the love and compassion, which we may now be a channel for bringing into the world through Torah and mitzvahs.

Our animal soul can learn not to talk to the “reptile” offering it pain and victimization, angering the animal soul with fiery messages. Our animal soul is capable of recognizing the true Good and seeing that it is part of that Good.

While we have a body and real free will, we have the opportunity to use both in emunah to seek Hashem from where He is concealed within the situations we find ourselves. We find Him as the power source invigorating the emotions. The stronger our urges and impulses, the more kedusha is concealed awaiting us to recognize its power as fallen from Him and lovingly restoring it in an integrated way. We do this through our will, through loving Hashem, and through prayerful request. When we see the power itself and focus the purity of our heart on the One Who fills all the world, that awareness is what opens us to be a channel for the concealed light to come into this world as revealed love.

What is blocking us may be judgment against us – the force of our own soul in our past failures with this. Or, it may be the urges and impulses we all share because human nature develops and is supervised by the Soton through the zuhama. It behooves us to learn the Torah that teaches us that Hashem is in constant 100 percent control, not us. It behooves us to learn the Torah that teaches us that there is no Other Power. We have real free will and the innate ability to reciprocate Hashem’s love, thereby creating the environment of emunah and bitachon to draw the light into this world.

We may struggle for many hours on an issue. Or we may struggle for decades. Nevertheless, each effort is impactful, even if we do not see results. What we are doing is beyond what we can comprehend. We are building ourselves into a vessel to capture overwhelming light and channel it into the world through the use of free will. We must go above our natural will in order to do this, for our natural will remains within the messages that the zuhama generates for us….self-referencing, wanting, lacking, and the human comprehension of fairness rather than the Torah teachings of truth and morality.

Most of the time, we are merely attempting to dismantle our imagination. START WITH THANK YOUS. When the animal soul begins to say thank you, it begins to see that it is experiencing much good and that it may not actually need the thing that the zuhama is promoting as essential and lacking with a pull towards darkness. Thank you is the beginning of freeing the animal soul from the clutches of the negativity so that it may begin to focus on the power hidden within the negative messages and submit to do the real work we are here for – to integrate that kedusha from the fallen realm to its Source, unifying Hashem’s Name.

We seek chochma and awareness to quiet the fires that have been inflamed by the Shechina in exile within the darkness. Becoming aware of what is happening is crucial to being able to take the next step. That next step is submission of the animal urges out of recognition that it is being lured by falsehood with a power that is the Shechina in exile. Eventually we wake up and realize that the task is not to try to get what the zuhama is luring us towards. All that does is feed our spiritual being to the dark, serving the darkness. Rather, the task is to submit the animal soul to the mission for which the spiritual being has been sent into a body – to retrieve the fallen spark empowering the lure. Love that spark for it is awaiting our recognition of it as Hashem’s power. Ask Him to please accept our teshuva, that we have too long listened to the lures rather than seen the real task of redeeming the powerful kedusha through awareness of Hashem. We do not want to want the lures and its promises. Rather we want to be the channel for that kedusha to come into this world as revealed love.

As many times as we have to, repeat and repeat. Each time, we are depleting the zuhama of the kedusha that Hashem gives to the Soton in order to give us real free will. It feels like we are being raked over fiery coals – that what we stand to lose is for sure something we need and who would argue otherwise? When we do that, without realizing it, we make ourselves 1 and Hashem 0. Hashem is all there is. Remember to eradicate Amalek, who denies or diminishes our awareness of Hashem. Hashem is 1 and we are here to integrate all of what we experience into His Light, like a sunbeam that is part of the sun, bitul to Him. By so doing, we transform that kedusha which we redeem into light and build eternal real life.

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