Our personal chometz – what we all have in common – the pursuit of chochma

Torah teaches us that our intellect, our binah that understands from what we believe we know, is in constant need of first drawing from the Torah. We consult with a trustworthy Torah scholar, a Rebbe. What we are, in reality, being instructed to do is to bring chochma, awareness of Hashem and gratitude to Him for the opportunity of life, into the picture.


If we are suffering, chas v’shalom, or experiencing tragedy or loss, lo aleinu and chas v’shalom, generally we are not really either aware of Hashem’s love nor do we experience gratitude.

In basic machine language, computers understand a 1 or a 0. Spiritually, chochma teaches us that Hashem is everything and that He is all that there is and that we are included in His Everything. So why did Hashem make a world?

He desires a dwelling place, so He creates a world where we have the experience of life and existence in order to draw His Goodness and morality into the world. However, He sets up the world so that our challenge in doing this requires us to overcome the real possibility that we are the 1, making Hashem seem like a 0, chas v’shalom.

The ability for this to take place is ONLY because Hashem conceals Himself and draws us towards that erroneous thinking so that we may use our emunah and our Torah learning to pull from the darkness the Shechina in exile within His Concealed Love. Because Torah teaches us that all there is in the world is Hashem and He is the Only Power, we may trust that only Hashem is concealing Himself and that whatever of the concealment we experience is filled only with His Simple Unity.

When we choose to not lose focus and to meditate on Hashem echad, we have an awareness of being one with Him . We find within us a place of stillness.

We have within us a place where our hearts and mind may serve as a channel. In the animal soul, our lower will, there is the potential to submit and make our mind and heart available to Him as a channel into this world.

The Shechina is in exile in the urges and impulses that beat within our thoughts and emotions. Our will to purge all of our thinking because we are focusing on Hashem’s simple unity is an effort we are empowered to make with the desire that our hearts and minds be a channel.

What we will for is that the Shechina be distilled from within the illusion that we are the focus, the number 1, the illusion to which we are naturally drawn. What we ask is that the kedusha of the Shechina in exile that we may be zocheh to channel into this world bring healing, blessing, and more. That is our prayerful request. In this way, one by one, when the thoughts and urges arise within us, we are focused and inspired to break down that feeling or set of feelings that we are 1 and Hashem…..0. What we want is to be that channel. What we want is to deplete the illusion that blocks our awareness of Him of the Shechina in exile empowering the block that gives us real free will. When we are aware that it IS the Shechina in exile and we reciprocate Hashem’s love, that awareness and love and gratitude bring us to the stillness that Hashem then may choose as a channel into this world, so He may be revealed as His Love, revealed.

That blocking feeling is complicated. There are many places for us to go astray, being drawn back into a value or familiar belief we “know” is true that keeps us denying or diminishing awareness of Hashem as One.

Hashem is really doing everything for all of us at the same time. Nothing happens without Him.

Yet He desires that we exist and bring His Light into the world. How do we do that?

It is for us to have emunah that is constantly growing. With emunah, we are able to see that the “culprit” is something in our thoughts or emotions that simply does not have the awareness of Hashem’s love. The reasons for this may be due to our own aveiros and immature thinking. While this may sound like blame or shame, what we are capable of doing when we experience such magnetically painful thoughts is to thank Hashem and ask Him to please show us what it is that He desires for us to do teshuva upon.

It may be something from a previous lifetime. It may be a family correction. However, when facing difficulties the very best attitude is that there is a soul correction, an opportunity to bring the Shechina in exile from the darkness into the world as revealed love. It could be a teshuva on our past mistakes. It could be a teshuva on human nature, urges and impulses we all share.

The attitude we are free to adopt is one of empowerment. The mistake we often fall into is believing that the pain is a punishment and that we are “bad.” Do you see the child-like thinking we have?

Know that Hashem loves us. When we have a challenge, speak to Him, with love in our heart, with a desire to understand what He is asking of us. Feel safe and loved even in those moments. This helps us come into that place of stillness.

Once in that place of stillness, the thoughts, emotions, urges and impulses float in – painful electric fiery windy and hurtful messages that feel jolting and as if they are happening. This is the work of the Shechina in exile. There is no Other Power.

Isolate the power in that fire, wind, earth and water. Focus on the pulsing power. Ask it where are you getting such strength from – keep tracing it back until you find the truth, that it is our animal soul reactively drawn to something false that is concealing Hashem’s Love yet is filled with His Love.

The next step is to see only the Love of Hashem and to ask Him to please allow this love to move from the matter through the heart and mind in order to be revealed as love and not enlivening pain. Breathe with this. This is a run and return.

There may be several layers to go through before the distinguishment of the animal soul being tempted by something concealing Hashem is found. There is always a false belief there. We attach to that false belief because it is credible to the animal soul that is seeking pleasures, such as being right, being in control and the like. Yet each one of these pleasures, in truth, make us 1 and Hashem denied or diminished chas v’shalom,and THAT is how we may then rescue the Shechina in exile. Once we spot the odorous root, we submit to Hashem and ask that our awareness of His Oneness and our love for Him make us meritorious to serve as a channel across which the Shechina may move back into the love.

instead of attaching to the suggestions offered by the Soton, which bring us to believe in blame and shame, let us attach to Hashem, which brings us to wholeness and love and healthy emotions. What does it take? Chochma.

Awareness of Hashem and Torah and a will to choose it out of love for Him and a desire to serve Him and be the being He desires. He desires a dwelling place. May He find us worthy and may our leaving behind the world of blame and shame in favor of Hashem echad and being a channel for all of that kedusha in exile to be returned to His Love bring a new light this day! May our search for chometz and our desire to bring a korbon Pesach help inspire us to reach inside and find our stillness, find the purity of our heart as knowing Hashem is One, find a reciprocal love for Hashem, and exercise our real free will to develop merits for eternal life.

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