Miriam Yerushalmi on Parsha Metzorah – Break free of negativity

Let’s stop the epidemic – of all limiting beliefs that can develop all kinds of negative debilitating emotions ! This weeks Parsha says it all!

When a person has leprosy, they would leave their camp and stay out to reflect and do teshuva.  When the affliction went away they could come back into the camp
The spiritual factors are the root cause
A departure from the person of the spiritual level known as chochma, wisdom.
This particular missing ingredient is what afflicts this disease. 
This relates to our diseases of the mind and heart.
When we activate our emotions in praying, the emotion can be misdirected to unworthy objects.  To prevent that, we need to direct it from a superior level of intellect that leads not to fiery emotion that ends up being channeled in a not good way.

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