Rabbi Rome – Advanced Kabbalah Meditations for Pesach Seder

The Seder – We imprint this in our psyche and it releases our enslavement to the world.

The matza brings mochim to Am Yisrael.

The bread of emunah.  We are elevating ourselves in a supernatural sense to a deep awareness and connection to Hashem.  To have that connection we need to become consciously aware, and that consciousness is called mochim, either constricted or expanded.

When we are in constricted consciousness, we see the world in an external sense, that the world seems real and that it has power and it emotionally affects us. 
When we have pain and suffering that is constricted

The world is not an independent reality.  Hashem is projecting it.  That is expanded consciousness.

The Shechina is the malchut, the mother of creation and it is powering all of us and everything in existence and she is receiving it to convert it into objects.  Malchut has nothing of itself.  She receives it to convert it and give life to the world

The father is zeir anpin or za.  For za to be mashpia, the light into the malchut, that we can perceive the infinite light of Hashem.

The metaphysical manifestation of consciousness is projected through the matza and the wine.

The mochim of abba comes from matza – perceiving reality from Hashem’s perspective.  Hashem is all that exists.  This is the sovev, the transcendant part of the matza.

Three places we eat matza

Motzei Hamotzei channels chochma Focus when saying Hashem  on shem av There is only Hashem. Ein od milvado. Only the sovev, the Infinite light of Hashem.
Matzah Al achilat  channels binah Focus when saying Hashem on shem samach gimel sag The world is an illusion.  From Hashem’s perspective we are like a ray of light still in the sun, we are bitul in the ohr of Hashem. This truth comes into our psyche. This keeps us grounded in the world to do what Hashem has asked us to do to bring in the light. To build a dweling place within the illusion. This removes the stranglehold of the illusion over me.  The ultimate imprisonment is when I am enslaved to the illusion. The mitzrayim is that I think there is a world and I am giving it energy.
korach The first sandwich Channels chasadim of daas to affect our emotions with love. Connect the mind to experience love   Second sandwich channels gevura of daas Ma                           ben Hashem’s love is Infinite. Hashem wants to love you an Infinite amount, but we could not take it.                          Hashem must hold back His Love so that we develop and exist, to have our own experience.

Hashem wants the world to exist so that is the dynamic of memale, of binah, of the flow between these.  Hashem has created this illusion and we have to take it seriously and not just fall into the binah. Yet Hashem wants the world and therefore we have the four cups of wine.

When we perceive reality from our perspective that is called mochim consciousness of Ima bina and is the four cups of wine.  This is the self perspective.  The yesh. Something. I am aware I exist and Hashem is behind the scenes. This is the memale.  We see the world but we have to reinforce our mind that the world is not an independent entity, that there is a life force that is willing the world into existence. The world is the body of Hashem.  His Will is the cause and life force. The Infinite light.  That is an indirect perception of becoming aware of Hashem.

kadesh Chochma of Ima Shem av Hashem is soul of the world.
Maggid Binah of Ima Shem sag I am a unique expression of Hashem
Barech Chasadim of daas Shem ma             Hashem always loves me, which awakens love within me
Hallel Gevuras of the daas Shem ben Hashem always love me and I need to be strong, and I will always love Hashem.    I do not want to lose that connection. Positive expression of fear of losing connection. Yira.  I don’t want to do anything that will conceal Hashem.

We are afraid to forget Hashem.  We want to stay in that constant state of connection, even though my nefesh behemit might want something else.

Geula is about bringing the light down into this world.

We imprint this in our psyche and it releases our enslavement to the world.

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