A sample set of steps on how we may recognize Hashem, ask, and serve as a channel to bring Torah, avoda and chesed into the world. Hashem does everything when we submit.

I have an ache, an emotion, a circumstance that is painful, a lack…it feels huge and pervasive and there is much negativity towards myself or another.

I recognize that the amazing power within this experience is the Shechina in exile. The kedusha Hashem gives to the Soton to conceal Himself within nature must be Hashem for only Hashem can conceal Himself. The Soton gained access to the physicality of mankind when we ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Our awareness of the body and the urges and impulses of the animalistic instinct are vulnerable to the pollution that denies or diminishes Hashem’s total love. The way the Soton interacts with mankind is through the pollution that the Soton can reach through the natural urges and impulses, and that generate the darkness, masking Hashem and focusing us on an illusion of yeishus as the center of the focus.

Hashem I have the emunah to know that in this very moment all there is in existence is You Who is Love and Compassion. And I love you and I know I am safe even though i feel like I am breaking, falling apart, getting crushed. The power of this experience is the Shechina in exile and the impact of this experience is due to the direct control that the Soton has over the urges and impulses to trigger thoughts and emotions of yeshus. Into the safety and love of Your Truth, I wish to bring the power within it, for the purpose of distilling the Shechina in exile from the yeshus. The yeshus feels like I am being dragged over fiery coals and my urges and impulses want to respond but I do not want to respond. I do not want to want what the yeshus wants, specifically…..Instead I recognize Hashem’s power and ask that the Shechina in exile there please instead guard my soul.

These fiery coals are but the shechina in exile that I am grateful to You for giving the soul as it exists in my unique body the opportunity to channel from the zuhama in the world of formation to revealed kedusha in this world. I want to not want what the natural urges want. I want to submit everything to form a channel of mind and heart over which You Hashem may bring the fallen kedusha back to You. Please help me.

I am experiencing the power within the urges and impulses and I recognize my Creator, concealed. Bring each urge and impulse into the safe and loving place of Hashem’s love. This takes emunah.

Please may the kedusha in exile in the painful messages and circumstances attached to that power be distilled from this matter because I recognize my Creator. Instead, please may that kedusha guard my soul from the matter, may the kedusha be a merit for the soul as it exists in me, my family and klal yisrael. Please may the revealed kedusha cancel all gezeras against the soul as it exists in me my family and klal yisrael. Please may it satisfy all din for the soul as it exists in myself my family and klal yisrael. Please may it bring healing…etc.

Allow each urge and impulse and thought to float in so that the live distills the shechina in exile from the presenting matter and is absorbed into the love. The mind and heart are the channel when we totally submit kniwing He does everything.

Any yeshus at all blocks that Hashem is everything and is doing everything. Even though it is normal, our normal is contained within the zuhama to give us free will to deplete the Soton of the kedusha given to him. Let us remember to eliminate the Amalek within.

What are we? We are a mind and a heart that can be a channel across which Hashem may choose to transfer fallen kedusha from the kelipas formed from the zuhama to revealed kedusha. Our effort is to nullify all yeshus out of love for Him and awareness of His Oneness and Love. Everything else, Hashem does. He wants our hearts.

Making an effort to redeem the fallen sparks when in a challenge – seeing the power in it that is blocking awareness of Hashem’s love – and knowing we are having a chance to deplete what is blocking that love of its kedusha empowers us to love Hashem with gratitude for life and opportunity to have G-d-consciousness rather than self-referencing consciousness.

The thought that feels real is “alive” and tempting because it is rooted in Hashem albeit the kedusha, the holy spark, is concealed. That is the key. Recognize the Creator. Be G-d-conscious. No matter the vessel, if it has vitality, it is Hashem’s kedusha alone because there is No Other Power. Ask for that vitality to be redeemed from the negative thoughts clinging onto it. Ask Hashem instead for what feels powerful and alive and real to be a blessing. Ask that our emunah htat all there is in the world is Hashem Who is all good and loving be the strong vessel to help us hold steady through the fiery coals of the thoughts and emotions hurled by what clings to that kedusha. Ask that our mind and heart be utilized as Hashem as a channel across which the kedusha He distills from what latches on may return to Him and then be channeled through our speech and deeds into the world as revealed love. Empty everything – thoughts, urges, impulses, resistance, emotions – into His Love, holding focus on the power enlivening each and asking to be the channel through which Hashem brings that power to revealed light

And regardless of the circumstantial outcome, we used time to good advantage. G-d-conscious, not self-referencing conscious.

Rav Dror – How to thank from a place of pain – how to tell Hashem that we want to not want what we are experiencing by asking Him to help us understand what teshuva He wants us to find.

Rabbi Asher Freund’s derech – Prayer brings down shefa which is the main purpose we have, not affecting the circumstances’ outcomes which are entirely in Hashem’s control.

Here is an example…

A child didn’t arrive home
The alarm started to go off
Somethings wrong!
All the various things that come up
for people with Attachment Issues
Fears, general panic, worry…

I can regulate this emotion because
I know this is coming from my attachment issues
It doesn’t change that the movement starts
however Ive improved of what i do with it

I’ve learned to recognize
that the strength of what I’m feeling
is a result of the attachment issues
and is not necessarily or actually happening
and to view it as an opportunity
to see the power in it

and that that kedusha
is the Shechina in exile
and the hashkacha pratis of my life

that i can’t do anything about the circumstances
but that i CAN bring that kedusha
from what is latching on to it
from being latched on to
by all of these negative worries and thinking
to a place where it can reveal kedusha
reveal compassion and love

without accusing blaming and shaming
without getting into a bad mood
without getting it to be overblown

    Really everything is fine.
    It is only able to be concealed
    because H’ has given kedusha to the satan
    who blows a zuhama/confusion
    because we ate from the Eitz HaDaas.
    That is what I am experiencing.
    The only thing I have real control over
    is my opportunity to have my mind and heart to serve
    as a channel for that Shechina in exile
    to fall back to H’
    and that is what i plan to do.
    That is how I plan to regulate this entire matter
  2. In order to do that i have to EMPTY EVERY THOUGHT / FEELING / URGE
    into the safety and constant love of H-shem’s presence.
    with BREATHING.
  3. FOCUS on the power of what I’m feeling
    RECOGNIZE that even though its concealed
    Its the same substance
    as the love that is surrounding
    and that Im feeling in my heart

Its power is same substance
and that the feeling of YESHUS is!
It is very powerful
“Why are they doing this to me?
Why is this happening to me?
What is this doing to my life?

All of those self concerns
are also filled with the same substance
which is concealed within this appearance that its ME

And I have to be totally willing
to recognize that H’ is doing everything
and what’s getting in the way
of me feeling the love is the fact
that this has something to do with ME
which is not true

It has only to do with my opportunity
to become a channel
for my mind and heart to become a channel
over which I can ask H’ to help me please choose
to see HIS power in all of it

For my mind and heart to be the channel
over which the Shechina in exile can travel back
to reunify with its source

so everything gets emptied
and there’s a stillness
and aloneness
a simple sense of body
a focus on the power itself
with a feeling of love

and any thought that comes up
to focus on the power of that thought only

Describe it and
Ask H’ for whatever is empowering it
To please come into the love
that the whatever thoughts / urges / impulses / emotions
that have latched on to it
that they should be left behind
Be specific.

Do that until you can breath again
and now the feeling is regulated

and now you find out
that the child had to make an important stop
and everything is ok BH
and none of the imagining, worries, awfulizing, conjuring, figuring out things out
All of that was just the zuhama being exposed

But the difference between this example
and what it would have been before
was that instead of me feeling silly about me having those thoughts again and beating myself up about it
Instead, I took it as an opportunity to be a channel
and returned Kedusha
from the Shechina in exile
within the hashgacha pratis
back into a revealed light

asking H’ that please now
instead of having these thoughts urges and emotions
latching on to it
this kedusha should help to guard me from having those things latch on again
and should please associate with H’s

And that whatever Light I revealed
should be a merit for the souls
that exist in my self, my family and klal Yisroel

should cancel any gazairas against these souls
should be a satisfactional din against the soul
as it exists in myself, my family and klal Yisrael

Can express our wish
to where the kedusha should be used
Refua sheleima, shidduchim…

We are not doing it
H’ then does it
but the EFFORT that we make to do this
is what heals
as we show H’ that we love him

We recognize Him as the creator

That we want instead to reveal Him
and that we are asking for His help
but thats all we can do
He does everything else

Miriam Yerushalmi Parsha Metzorah

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