A fool-proof plan, but we have opportunity that really hold tremendous meaning and value

The blessing of grandchildren are many. Beyond calculatable.

Insights abound that may have escaped us as exhausted, overwhelmed parents.

Have you noticed that the youngest of babies has awareness of what is going on? It may not come out until they are a little older and modeling what is imprinted from what they have seen and experienced. But one thing comes out right away, and that is that a baby sees and wants. If one child has a bottle or a candy, everyone does, even the infant. There is an awareness there that is active and focused on self-referencing, understanding with complete intelligence in the regard to lack.

The reason this insight can be so helpful is because as we get older, we often spend our time dealing with filling the apparent lacks from the physical world, as we did when we were babies and young children and even as young adults. At some point, once we see that as we grow older the physical world is not supplying the satisfaction for our areas of lack, the opportunity of life either becomes more apparent or we suffer. Either way, Hashem’s Will that we serve as a channel over which the Shechina in exile in the hashgacha pratis of our lives is able to dissolve from physicality and be expressed in the world as His Pure Compassion. Really the choice is up to us.

Here is a six minute clip from Rabbi Kessin’s video on Passover and what Hashem wants from us at the end of time that explains the four levels of zuhama through which the Soton has a relationship with mankind.

And here is the reassurance that our suffering has meaning, that from our suffering we also may serve as that channel to cleanse the world of what blocks awareness of Hashem as all Loving.

These two clips help us comprehend something crucial. When we find ourselves in a place of judgment that is causing us to feel harshly towards ourselves or blaming or shaming others, inadvertently we have blasted past the opportunity for a soul correction. A soul correction means that we have the opportunity of life to transfer holy sparks from the zuhama that is the Soton’s connection to mankind back to the realm of holiness and revealed light.

Anything that denies or diminishes Hashem as One and Only and all loving is a block. Only Hashem can conceal Himself, which He does by giving some kedusha to the Soton so that we have real free will. When we ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the Soton now had dominion over our physical being, blocking the awareness of Hashem and His Love that Adom knew. Although it sounds judgmental, Torah tells us that anything that blocks awareness of Hashem’s love is “evil” meaning exactly that it denies or diminishes the emes. Take away the judgmentalism of it and just realize and reflect that we are given life with a mind and a heart to serve as a channel across which the fallen sparks of kedusha that Hashem gave into the hand of the Soton may be returned to the side of kedusha, either through our pro-active effort or, chas v’shalom, through suffering and our eventual mortal demise.

Rabbi Asher Freund teaches us about nullification. It is a total emptying of the thoughts and emotions that, in fact, really are stemming from our natural impulses, which are under the domain of the Soton and are an experience of the zuhama the Soton blows through us. Rabbi Moshe Weinberger teaches that the Torah tells us about manna between the Red Sea and Har Sinai specifically to teach us that in order to receive Torah, we must “excrete” the zuhama.

Excreting the zuhama

Rabbi Asher Freund teaches us that excreting the zuhama is an experience no less painful than being drawn over fiery coals, for it hurts our image and our sense of knowing ourselves. The good news is that none of what we think is “us” is the essential self! That is the entire point!!! We do not know our essence, our absolute essence, until we comprehend what an infant teaches us! All of our understanding about our image and persona is a development within the zuhama, and feels real due to neurology and Hashem’s design. And yet, it is NOT the essential self! Instead, it is given to us to extract the sparks of kedusha in order to build an eternal identity and attach ourselves to Hashem with real free willed choice. When we choose to associate all of the power within the impulses and urges we have with Hashem rather than with everything we know and feel and trust based on the natural course under the domain of the Soton and his zuhama projected into us, we serve as a channel for the transfer of the holy sparks and for this, we are given credit.

Rabbi Kessin explains that Hashem has made a foolproof system for us. Should we opt out of the use of free will to go over the fiery coals and submit a rectified ego in favor of our essential self, the avenue of suffering serves to cleanse. He explains the Egyptian exile as having served in this fashion. It is must listen to before Passover.

Has your grandchild ever had a sharpness to their intellect where they were able to beat you at a game? Are we able to see that the power of the Soton running our natural lives is full of kedusha concealed in our physical existence? Is our overblown understanding of our image as something we are blocking the awareness that Hashem Alone is all that exists and that He Alone fills everything? Are we willing to live in our emunah and shift our sense of who we are to an abstraction – that we are a channel over which spiritual matter flows IF we submit our illusion and “get over ourselves?” Are we willing to consider the spiritual reality that the exodus from egypt and the giving of the Torah tell us year after year? And if so, what does that translate to in terms of the use of the gifts and talents Hashem has given to us?

Jear Rabbi Avraham Schorr in Inyei Geula for ideas

Includes a story about the Skulener Rebbe z”l

May we be i spjred to see through the kickbacks of selfreferencing thezuhama offers in favor of depleting its kedusha for revealed ligjt.

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