The Shechina is in exile in daas kelipa the vessel of our natural animalistic will and instinct – not a problem because we have real free will! Redeem with Torah and mussar, bring it to Daas Torah!

Awe and gratitude and trembling result from a peek into the Divine space Hashem creates for us to live.

We have a spiritual being formed from Hashem’s intentions for this world to be a world of tikun. That spiritual being is placed in a body with an animalistic instinct and soul. That body and animalistic soul are natural and are sustained by Hashem’s Infinite love.

Included in that Infinite love is the light of tohu that fell into the world when the vessel of Adom HaRishon did not expand to withstand the urge he experienced when he violated the commandment to not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Had free will been used at that time to keep that commandment, the Tree of Life would have been established. Instead, we have become more and more focused on living according to what we perceive as bringing us happiness and gratification from the external world. When our animalistic soul feels a lack, we want to take something to restore its happiness, something from the external world. Waking up to the futility of this as the cause of addictions, what do we do instead?

The light of awareness of Hashem that Adom broke fell into this world as holy sparks. These holy sparks fill what sustains every inanimate object, vegetation, animals, and mankind. Hashem sustains everything, conscious of Him or not, whether it has or exercises real free will or not.

The goal of being conscious with a mortal lifetime is to bring the spiritual being Hashem gives us for tikun to enjoy eternal life in the presence of Hashem. How do we do that?

We do that by extracting the Shechina in exile within the food we eat, by keeping mitzvahs, and by rectifying our animalistic will so that it submits with real free will to have the Shechina in exile within it moved to Daas Torah activities, thereby earning eternal life and closeness with Hashem now and for all eternity.

That said, it is urgent that we find this place that we are being held back within us.

What feels to us as a natural reaction to disappointments and losses has vitality. And when we suffer at the seeming hand of another, we feel the other is responsible and we allay blame and we in our minds shame them by thinking “we would not do such a thing.” Such a natural reaction, however, IS coming from daas kelipa, is damaging to us, and keeps the Shechiina in exile and leads to pain and destruction either in our own health or in the hurt we bring to others. Just expressing the judgment to another party is triggering, for that sets off their daas kelipa with judgments of self and others.

What could be more natural than to tell everyone that what they have done has triggered us and that we find it offensive and want them to apologize! Torah tells us to rebuke each other as well! However, we are also taught not to offend another in the process of the rebuke. So how do we do this?

Our first step must be to comprehend that our reaction itself has the Shechina in exile and that until we bring it from the daas of the kelipa to daas Torah we have no idea what to do that will bring a positive influence forward. So we set aside the circumstances, not out of paralysis or fear or weakness, but out of recognizing the opportunity for our spiritual being to perform its mission of tikun and redeem the Shechina in exile from the response that we are experiencing.

We have an opportunity to bring something from the Infinite, in the surrounding light that Hashem has just placed our spiritual being in contact with because we are in a body and we have had a natural animalistic reaction.

Opportunity. Eternal life. Lower vessel vitality. Real free will. Yearning to bring it to the higher vessel, Torah avoda gemilas chesed – Daas Torah.

The natural animalistic part of us can come to recognize that opportunity and is willing to open to the shift. It is a matter of focus, of consciousness raising. Of emunah in Hashem. And trust in Hashem.

We are not required to experience or re-experience the traumas that may have caused the Shechina in exile to be so strongly embedded in our animalistic neurological reactions without a way of doing so that will guard and protect us from that pain. By viewing the opportunity with a yearning to bring the Shechina in exile from the daas of the kelipa to a more mature daas, daas of Torah, we provide safety and love for the animalistic soul within us. Our purpose is to empty and purge the vessel of the animalistic soul of the Shechina in exile that is vitalizing its painful reactions so that instead the body is able to reveal that very same light as a flow of blessing, healing, cancellation of gezeiras, satisfaction of din, and mitzvahs and chesed.

Hashem loves us constantly. When we have a reaction that feels like it has a life of its own, that is because it is vitalized by the Shechina in exile that does have consciousness and life because Hashem IS life itself. Every object, vegetable, animal and person is connected only to His Life. This is how we know we are constantly loved and lovable. This is what gives us courage to activate our spiritual being to do the tikun, to use real free will, to love Hashem, know He is One, and to yearn for the Shechina in exile in each of the painful thoughts or emotions that surface to please be the soul of a blessing or flow of mitzvahs that we intend to bring to the world instead of the natural reactivity we feel.

Thus, “how could she do that?” becomes, “there is Shechina in exile in my animalistic urges that is being triggered and it is fiery. Fire. I have opportunity to be aware. This is Hashem. There is no other Power. I love You Hashem and realize with awe the opportunity You are giving me. I wish that the vitality I am feeling that wants to take the pleasure of looking down on her is NOT what I really want, only what I want due to the daas of the kelipa. But I need Your help. I want to go above this want. I want to not want the daas of the kelipa because I know all there is in the world is You and I wish for the shechina in exile in this to come through my heart as revealed light. I choose to do the mitzvah of giving the benefit of the doubt, of seeing her good qualities, and of realizing that this is being given to me as a soul correction so that I may gain credit and merit for redeeming the Shechina in exile from the fiery reaction that I am experiencing. Please help me. It is my will to do Your Will, to do mitzvahs, chesed, and keep the Torah.”

Please ponder and consider this deeply. It is a layer below where our natural lives are. Many of us walk around triggered, stewing, seething silently, crying inside. We are good people. We need to comprehend more deeply the purpose of a soul coming into contact with an animalistic soul. May we grow in this understanding and may it bring us simcha and the ability to field the triggered reactions of others and ourselves with empowerment. May our efforts to do this tikun empty and purge the Shechina in exile in the daas kelipa and the yetzer hara permanently so that the forces of darkness are depleted and Hashem ‘s unified light may shine into the world through our keeping Torah and mitzvahs and emulating His Compassion.

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