Rabbi Moshe Genuth – Derech Mitzvosecha, more on Hashem’s surrounding and filling Light.

Class 5
Part 5 Hashem is in the still silence. When we come to chochma, the ability to see the nothingness, we come to silence. The revelation of the surrounding light can only happen when the neshama comes into the world. The neshama has levels, it comes “down.” To different levels.

The vessel we have for the light is the Torah we know. The more Torah we have, the more of a vessel we have to reveal light.

The surrounding light reaches underneath all these levels. The circle, the light on top, is exactly as the light below. It is the same energy. Any point on the circle can be the beginning of the kav. It does not matter where you are on the circle, that is what makes us physically equal. The category that we build is the same regardless of where we start on the circle. We can build a gradated line that we can understand.

The Arizal describes raising the sparks, fractions of light from the sovev. Wherever they fell down, if you bring them out, they reveal Infinite light. One mitzvah is not more important than another. All the sparks came from tohu. The moment they are elevated, they are all the same. Don’t try to calculate what carries more weight in the world. The elevation of what is being created is the light of the Infinite. All that needs to be revealed. At some point, there is a critical mass revealed and most of the world speaks divinity to you.

The Zohar calls this the awakening from below and the awakening from above. what I release here reveals the sovev there. By the Arizal it is called masculine and feminine waters. When it descended, it seems to us like the world deteriorated. but when we bring it out, the light of the Infinite comes out

Every neshama that comes down is another kav to perform mitzvahs. That is a revelation of the Infinite. That is when the sovev will be revealed. The body provides access to the unlimited light.

There is another question. Why does there have to be a male and female to create another body? Why not an amoeba type reproduction? The body is an infinite vessel for the neshama if it comes from male and female. The Alter Rebbe poskined that killing a louse on shabbos is not taking a soul? Unless there is a male and a female, what comes down is alive but the body is not a vessel for Infinity. Something less comes down. It is like artificial intelligence, it would never have a real soul. If we could clone ourselves, would that bring down a soul? The answer is no because there is no male and female. for the kav to come down, the body that is formed has to have been made from male and female, even if artificial insemination.

The angels therefore are not like us. An angelic being did not come from male and female in the same way. There are spirtually male and female souls. When they join down here, they brought forth the souls of the converts to be created. When we talk about angels who don’t have male and female coupling, they don’t create a new soul from themselves.

Here is a reference point to tackle this topic. Angels could be thought of as ideas, a force in the world. The simplest answer in science is a physical force, like electromagnetism. It is transferred by an electron, which in Hebrew is the name of an angel. All the angels can be described as forces or ideas being transferred in the world.

To understand why souls are greater than angels we need one more introduction. We know that the sefirot, which are concepts with some form of coupling, some form of unity. Intellectual and emotional – father and mother -male and female – and from them come all the souls and all the angels.

There are two types of ways in which they come. It is called kissing or spirit to spirit. A coupling between the intellect that type of coupling, of one intellectual force with another, is an angel being created. The intellect with the intellect. There is also foundations one with the other. from that come down souls. On the one hand angels couple within intellectual realm, but souls come from coupling in the foundations, further down in the sefirot.

Two types of coupling -male and female, the male gives to the female. From that, a child is born. But there is another relationship more angelic, like a teacher to a student. He is giving him intellect. Wisdom. The “sperm” is capable of creating a physical mind. It’s source is in themind. Words also come from the mind but no matter how much we talk we cannot give another person more physical matter or talents. We can develop but we cannot add no matter what.

When it goes to foundations, it is for physical vessels. If it is from speech, it is ephemeral vessels. Physical union draws from a higher place, all the way to the foundations, the energy is being taken from a higher place or it could not become so physical.

The highest thing we can do in this world is increase wisdom, but speaking doesn’t create a body.

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