For the more complicated amongst us – an insight to help look inside

Those who have anxiety, panic, and easily pushed triggers often feel a pervasive overwhelming throughout the body and do not necessarily understand why the body is shaking and upset. According to our natural reactions, if we are upset, there is someone to blame, someone who is wrong while we, because we are in this state of mind, are the one who has been injured and therefore in the right.

Examples of this overbound. If we feel upset, we find ourselves in judgment of ourselves or another and ready to say something.

If anyone were to suggest that perhaps it is something within us, we would most likely find that to be blaming the victim, so to speak, and feel outraged.

If we only look at our challenges from this perspective, we might end up cutting ourselves off from everyone who triggers us, just to be able to have inner peace.

Yet what we find is that even in isolation, with the door closed, no contact, these triggers are “alive” within us.

Where are these messages and painful emotions coming from?

These messages are filled with the Shechina in exile within our natural will, filled by the hashgacha pratis of our early years. Hashem gives each of us “monopoly money” to bring to the table of free will, to bring from slavery to freedom.

Without Torah and a two world picture, we are stuck. With Torah, not only are we able to heal, but we are able to build an eternal identity.

In truth, we are spiritual beings that have come into a body in order to spiritualize physicality. By making an effort to realize at all times that Hashem is all loving and in total control, we are able to extract from our natural will something very special that then comes into the world as blessings.

When there is uncertainty, our natural will immediately interprets the matter according to our triggers. Before we act, stop. Stop and notice. Stop and realize that at this very moment, Hashem’s total love is surrounding us and He is giving us an opportunity to spiritualize something with the love He invests in our souls that is in a raw condition, coursing through our natural bodily makeup .

Reclaim all the love Hashem has for us! Redeem His Love from where it is enlivening our upsets by recognizing that its Power is His, concealed love.

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