Walk and Breathe with Spiritual Consciousness

Walk and breathe with spiritual consciousness

With emunah, we have faith that no matter the trauma or thought patterns that get triggered due to abuse or neglect, THEY ARE NOT US. The Shechina agrees to be in exile in that darkness awaiting us to recognize that there is No Other Power and to ask for what fills the darkness to come into our hearts to be revealed only as compassion, mitzvahs, and light. For those who have trauma and abuse, the negative messages that give us doubt and confusion and pain stand strong hoping to hold the Shechina in exile in the darkness and continue flooding our organs and body and speech and deeds with impulses and urges to act out damaging messages. IT IS NOT US. We have real free will to recognize Hashem, encircle the darkness with love, and ask for the light to come through us into the world as revealed light.

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