H-U-Man – Hashem-United Man – Hashem is all love and only does good

The Ten Commandments are given to all of mankind. There are seven Noahide commandments that are applicable to those who do not choose to become Jewish and thereby become obligated to keep all 613 of the commandments.

The overriding message of the commandments is to bring Hashem’s compassion into the world. If we look at each of the seven noahide laws and the ten commandments, we see that when we are aware that there is a Creator that was, is, and always will be, we sense the holiness with love and awe. The Creator is above time and space. The Creator is One.

Comprehending that every person is made in His Image and is a beloved creation, there is an inherent respect for every being and everything in the world. What interferes with our seeing this is our limbic system, which is there to give us real free will. It is up to us to choose to emulate Hashem’s love OVER our natural survival instincts. It is up to us to turn to Hashem and ask for our needs rather than to break one of the commandments and cause hurt or damage to another’s image or property.

What holds us back is that we do not recognize that what we believe we are doing for a good reason may actually be inadvertently causing damage. This is true most of the time we say or do something from a place of pain. Our first step must always be to remember that there is a Creator Who designs the world and all that happens, and that He sends to us only what we need in order to repair our will and choose to align with His Love and Compassion and Commandments.

We are required to set up court systems, for Hashem loves justice. The justice of Hashem has much mercy, for who could live with strict justice?

Our limbic systems are on red alert when people say hurtful remarks and we speak hurtfully back. Much can be done to widen the range of ways our emotions flow when we experience such strong reactions. If we understand that Hashem wants us to unify with Him, every moment can be a journey where we become HUman – Hashem-Unified-man. We can bring spiritual consciousness into our every moment.

Imagine a world where everyone approached life with spiritual awareness. We would understand that we are here to bring out the compassion of the One Creator and to avoid at all costs placing another person into a state of distress.

Would that help us choose our words more carefully? Would we realize the futility of not bringing Hashem into the picture and thereby balancing our more volatile reactions with wisdom and love? Would we be able to discuss difficulties only after first unifying our hearts with Hashem’s lovingkindness and clinging to Him as our primary interest?

Yes, we would live with uncertainty regarding outcomes, but we would trust in Him. And THAT means that we know there is No Other Power. We would forgo the apparent effectiveness of powerful tactics in favor of being connected to the One Eternal Loving Creator out of love for Him and awe that we would not wish to cause Him pain.

When we are seething, let us stop and realize our vulnerability and survival depend only on Hashem. There is No Other Power. Our emotions may not recognize this. However, we have real free will to take a moment, feel the darkness, and realize that such intensity is light concealed – Hashem Himself is there, ready to bring His Light, IF we recognize Him in the darkness and ask for the light to come into our hearts so that we experience His Love instead of the pain and suffering.

We have real free will to do this.

May we each desire to take our next step closer to the Creator, to emulate His Love and Mercy. May we bring compassion into our hearts and flow it towards giving understanding, love, assistance and caring to others. May those in need be able to receive the love, removing whatever darkness the limbic system initially feels that might be blocking Hashem’s love from being felt. Know His Love is there at all times. Turn to Him before speaking or acting, in heartfelt prayer, asking to want NOT to want the experience of darkness.

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