Zion Adar – Birthday and Yahrtzeit of Moshe Rebbeinu

Every day we wait and yearn for the Moshiach, for the day when the final redemption will come. Moshe Rebbeinu redeemed the Jewish people from the galus of Mitzrayim. It is said that his soul will be a spark of the soul of Moshiach.

Moshe Rebbeinu is known for being the only prophet who could speak to Hashem face to face. His humility was the highest possible. His prophecy is the way we received the Torah.

What are we yearning for? To understand this properly may help us make an important effort.

Hashem’s Infinite light remains concealed by the natural world. However, Hashem is here, in every atom, in every thought, in every circumstance.

If Hashem’s Infinite light is here right here and right now, what are we yearning for? If we are yearning for Hashem’s Infinite light to be here, it means that we are unaware that it IS here! Thus, what we are yearning for is that His Infinite Light be experienced as its truth, as His Compassion, as a feeling we experience as joy and simcha.

Just as the manna took on the taste of whatever the person eating it thought of, so too our experience of the Infinte Light in this world can be experienced as pain or simcha…IF we are truly aware that His Infinite LIght is filling all the worlds. While we cannot take the experience of simcha for ourselves, we CAN yearn for it and ask. Hashem desires a creation that recognizes Him, that asks for its needs, upon whom He can bestow the good.

What is our role? What feels to us as absence and moves us to our core fears IS Infinite light! Recognize the Creator! There is no Other Power! We have horrible internal thoughts and interpretations of what we are lacking….hold onto His Throne of Honor tightly, that He is the Only Being with any value ….and notice and name every thought that is filled with His Love but distorted by our experience and immature intellect. Be aware that the power in what we are experiencing is His Infinite Light, concealed. Tell Hashem that we want to NOT WANT the way we are experiencing His Infinite LIght. Tell Him we want to experience His Infinite Light as compassion so that we may be a channel to bring His Light into the world.

In so doing, we open our hearts as a vessel yearning to hold His Compassion in a revealed form rather than in its current state – concealed by our false beliefs in an inner subjective world. IF we are willing to submit our subjective inner world to the truth of His Compassion, THEN we are aware that He is with us, right here, right now, and that WE can be better, more truthful vessels and channels. Our sincerity matters. When we are sincere, Hashem gives us the gift of something from His Infinite Light unifying with our spiritual being. This unifies our soul and unifies us with Him.

May we each find a way to do this today, to release a spark of Infinite Light from a constricted false place, acquire it, feel its compassion, and be a channel to bring that compassion into the world.

Thursday is zion Adar. What a great way to remember Moshe Rebbeinu and sincerely yearn, with emunah and wisdom, for the Moshiach.

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