This Shabbos is Parshas Zachor, to remember what Amalek did

Every year, before we hear the Megillas Esther, we are required to hear Parshas Zachor, where the Torah tells us to remember how Amalek attacked the stragglers in the desert even as Hashem’s Presence was leading the Jewish people through the desert with the cloud of glory, the pillar of fire, and the well of Miriam – wind, fire and water. Amalek hated us so much they just wanted to dampen our connection with an attack.

In our personal inner worlds, we experience this force dividing us from what we know is the truth. The truth is that Hashem is all loving and all present and totally One. Because our spiritual being is in a garment called a body, and because we ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, our natural condition is to perceive physicality, experience our limited interpretation of what we perceive, and feel movement based on natural survival instincts and education in time and space to take a powerful action that we believe comes from our own hand. When someone triggers us and our natural fight flight or freeze response is triggered, this is our opportunity to eliminate Amalek from our inner world! We can regulate ourselves back to the truth by recognizing that the Infinity enlivening the movement within us is Hashem’s Love itself. He is willing to be in exile in a putrid place in order to give us the opportunity to absorb that drop of Infinity and “fertilize” our spiritual being so that we attach to Him for all eternity. Right now, we are attached to our bodies and physicality. By choosing to absorb that Infinity, our spiritual being attaches through awareness of Hashem while we are alive, and that attachment is with us for all eternity!!!!!

When the spark of Infinity that Hashem conceals within our challenges is absorbed by us, the pain dissolves. The circumstances may remain, but our emotional connection to the circumstances is transformed.

May we each, in our inner worlds, really hear Parshas Zachor and do the work to absorb the Shechina, the drop of Infinity in galus in the kelipas. And may our awareness of Hashem bring us to live in this world from the tree of Life, with a new light, with joy and simcha, achdus and unity with Hashem and each other.

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