Comprehending addictions and seeing the cure – redeeming the Shechina from the galus of our nature

Could it be that support groups become potential addictions?

What is it that we turn to when we are in pain?

Torah tells us that our pain is given to us purposefully. Torah teaches us that our pain provides us a special opportunity to bring our spiritual being more to completion. We resolve our pain through understanding the design of the world and having compassion upon the pain of the Shechina in exile in our nature. We accept our challenge with love for Hashem. Recognizing Hashem as the Power filling our challenge releases something from Infinity that He wants to give to us, something that heals and completes us.

Our bodies need support, comfort, and therapies. There is a purpose to all of these. The purpose is to calm us. However, becoming calm does not obviate the need to make the spiritual effort of having compassion upon the Shechina that is in exile in our nature. Should we overlook this important step, while we may find some natural comforts momentarily in our go to’s, we might mistakenly be adding layers of concealment to Hashem Who is already concealed.

We all have wants. What happiness do we receive when we have what we want? For how long are we gratified?

What if we took our wants and turn them into tefilos, opening the powerful desires with wisdom that what fills them is Hashem’s power? With trust in Hashem, we can ask Him to please take our wants and to please filter these according to His Will give to us a mature want that is consistent with His Will only. Bringing the wisdom of Torah and of Hashem’s compassion into our hearts IS what gladdens our intellect and brings calm and simcha to our emotions. It is healing. It is connective. And it is eternal.

As wonderful as friends, support groups and relaxation are, and as much as we are in need of these balancing blessings, it is incumbent upon us to take the step towards Hashem, to build our eternal identity, to become receptacles and channels for bringing compassion into the world in a way that we can ONLY by opening our will to make it His Will.

In so doing, we have something to turn to besides the natural need to express hurt with blame and shame. We have an avenue that takes us to healing and love rather than investing ourselves only in the temporary and incomplete ameloriations that natural remedies provide. Seeing the opportunity to truly nullify and release Shechina from nature and experience the simcha of humility can only be done while we are alive.

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