Rosh Chodesh Adar Beis – A time to change our personal and communal mazal

Today is Aleph Rosh Chodesh Adar Beis, the first day of the month in which we celebrate the upcoming Purim.

At the time of Purim, our mazal changed from a gezeira to being saved.

Esther HaMalka asked that all the Yidden daven, do teshuva, and fast for three days. It was not up to her alone to change the decree. Every Yid had to do teshuva, meaning to remove the obstacles that were blocking them from recognizing Hashem’s constant loving and benevolent presence. It was very dark then. And the Yidden listened and they did teshuva and then there was joy and simcha.

Sometimes it is our aveiras that hold us back. But sometimes it is a rationalization that we do not realize contains an aveira. For example, perhaps we are turning for comfort and support to something INSTEAD of Hashem. This does not mean we do not need comfort and support from each other. But there is a very fine line…we cannot substitute our go to’s for recognition of Hashem, for prayer, and for a will to bring His goodness through us into the world.

In other words, if we just seek to “feel better”, we are overlooking the pain of the Shechina in galus in the natural emotions we are experiencing. That pain is our opportunity to recognize Him, a spark of something Infinite, that He intends for us to acquire IN ORDER TO HEAL AND REDEEM US. We cannot substitute anything else for this. That would be a violation of the commandment to not worship idols. Hashem is with us right here, right now. When we are sensitive to His Pain in being hidden enough to realize that He is so concealed ONLY to give us a way to bring a spark of Infinity into our being and to provide Him with a home in this world, we have the gumption to withstand the pain of our circumstances and submit, recognize Him, notice and name where we glued to our own subjectivity, and ask instead to be glued to awareness of Him.

We must be truthful. Wherever we have become comfortable with our rationalizations, we are glued to the darkness. It is an auspicious time to confess, do teshuva and become open to the salvations He desires to give to us.

Rav Asher Freund – Comprehending that our pain contains something of Infinity that, when we recognize the pain of Hashem in being trapped there, we have the courage to bear the pain by willingness to experience it in order to exercise the will He gives us through our emunah to redeem the Shechina . And that infinite spark then heals and comforts us and builds our eternal identity with awareness of Hashem. Trust in this.

Please reference Rabbi Itamar Schwartz, from Here is a document called Unity Talks on the topic of stopping sinas chinam and building ahavas yisrael.

Chodesh Tov!

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