The power of the soul over nature – nature has to agree, and that is the responsibility of the soul – Faith and Confidence by Rabbi Genuth

Hashem has given us the mission to change reality. This is faith.

But we may not break apart reality. Faith is purging, making an empty space in our consciousness. Even if I don’t do anything, the world is good. Things are good.

The ability to cleanse ourselves, to create a void inside that is willing to accept the world as it is, this is faith. Overcoming nature is like creating a world, like Hashem did. We learn how to create worlds. Our world is our inner world. Every life is a world. And there are many things that need us to overcome nature.

There has to be an ability to start fresh, to cleanse of all the plans and ways that I thought I would achieve my goal.

For a bracha to dwell in a person, we have to make room for it. We have to make room for it. Otherwise there is no vessel for it. Then we may act. The first reaction is the world is good. This leads us to a calm sea. This is the initial sense of faith, empty of all the troubles and storms to be able to begin to relax, knowing this will work out. I don’t know how.

We don’t have to be so attached to what we have until now as an inner world. Even if there is only Hashem in the world, that is good enough. To “throw the world we have learned away” that is the empty space that can now contain something. And then, whatever we build will be very good, from the ground up. The pieces that we want to hold onto keep us afraid from working freely. The ability to purge is to be able to start, to be empowered but not in ego. We have to be a purged vessel – even if I am not here, it will be fine. This is a leap of faith that everything is fine.

Avraham’s belief in Hashem was so strong that even the previous promises Hashem had given him he was willing to forgo. It is all good for me.

This high level is the first state of mind, to clear ourselves of all our plans we thought we would do to achieve, and start anew. There is a void. But we know it will work out. We don’t know how to get there, but that willingness to void our ideas and inclinations is a necessary step to truly empower someone. That is called purging.

It is not empty though. It means we are clinging to our Source. This is key to comprehend. We want to connect to the absolute Good. When I clean myself out what is left is a quiet contentment that Hashem is good and therefore it is all good, even if it doesn’t happen the way I planned.

The first lesson in bringing Moshiach is we have to believe. Ani Maamim.

We learn from clinging to a tzaddik whose love and fear is a level higher than ours how to love and fear Hashem.

Hashem wants us to have awe in Him. We receive from the tzaddik his awe, so that we know what to acquire, to mimic.

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