Awareness of Hashem’s constant compassion helps us shed taivas and gaivas

While we are creations, with an intellect given to us through our soul that is connected to Hashem, the world that our intellect finds itself in, meaning a physical world with a body, perceptions, neurology and circumstances, is three worlds away from the pure awareness of Hashem that existed before Adom ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil There are three veils separating:

1.the world of Atzilut is separated from Beriah, the world of creation, the world of intellect,

2. the world of Beriah is separated from the world of Yetzirah, the world of creation, the world of ruach and emotions

3. the world of Yetzirah is separated from the world of Asiya, the world of action, the world of malchus, of earthiness, the world where Hashem wishes for His Shechina to dwell and His Giving to be recognized and experienced.

Awareness of Hashem is what joins our intellect to Him. Thus, we learn Torah, keep mitzvohs, and emulate His Giving and Compassion. Yet we may or may not, by so doing, grow in awareness of Hashem in our hearts.

By effortfully growing in awareness of Hashem, we “conquer” the urges and impulses and drives of our natural heart and emotions, made from the very root elements of creation. Our tool for conquering is a will to go above what is natural for us to feel, our human reactions, along with personal prayer that uses our intellect to notice and name and describe imbalances we feel within us.

This is called run and return.

We are only ever noticing imbalances within us. It is not possible for us to know any other heart in truth. Thus, when we experience a perception and have a judgment, the task becomes to draw forth from the glue of daas sitras achra our intellect by increasing love for Hashem and integrating instead awareness of Him. When we make this effort and ask Hashem to please help us, what glues us to daas sitras achra becomes the glue that unifies awareness of Hashem with our soul in our hearts. From the challenge comes an experience of Hashem that can only happen in a world where this effort is able to be made, a world where there are three levels separating us from clarity of Hashem.

One moment of such clarity in this world is the greatest pleasure a soul can experience. What does it take?

Recognize that when we are feeling negative, it is because our limited intellect is processing a perception with three veils of separation between the original awareness of Hashem that Adom had and our awareness of Hashem.

Cry out to Hashem what our intellect is noticing and name the emotions, urges, impulses and drives that our body is running into the dark out of instinct and subjectivity.

Turn our mouths and eyes upward, with love for Hashem in our hearts, and bitachon in Him in our minds, and, as a simple creation, tell Hashem that we want to NOT want what our urges and impulses, drives and instincts naturally want because we see that what is gluing us to them is something false due to having three veils of separation in our awareness of Him.

Thank Hashem for the opportunity to cling to Him, and ask Him to please take that very glue and use it to heal our hearts so that awareness of Hashem replaces the daas sitras achra messages.

Ask Hashem to please accept our teshuva and may it be a merit for all klal Yisrael, for we are one soul. Ask that the increase in awareness of Hashem please help all of us uplift our consciousness and awareness of Him in our unique and personal struggles so that through this effort we are unified with Him and with each other.

Although our struggles are unique, the platform of developing daas, awareness of Hashem and internalizing it in our hearts, is the pathway of Torah.

May we see that we are at all times completely folded within Hashem’s love and that it is up to us to be the strong vessel, with love and awareness of Hashem in our hearts and bitachon in our mind.

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