Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz on Parshas Teruma – Give, it is G-dly – Share that Secret


Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz on Parsha Teruma – Give

Use our brains and hearts to feel for others, to give, to understand where others are coming from, feel their struggles and pain. That is G-dly and it feels like it, so elevating. there is nothing like it.

We don’t have to be selfish to be human. Don’t say we can’t help it. Connect to Hashem, what it feels like.

Sell the secrets of Judaism to every Jew. Really know and feel that we have neshamas, feel that. There is something Divine inside and it feels so good. All we have to do is be open to sharing, enjoy caring for others.

Rashi tells us the Shechina dwells in every individual.
People that love to give. Feel it, live it. Never get jealous. Don’t be self-centered. Give Do Share. And bring this secret to every Jew you ever meet. It is a far greater sensation than any other sensation and it is Divine. That is the secret of the Mishkan
We lost bais hamikdosh because we hated on another. We can bring the Shechina back to all klal yisrael if we are really there for every single Jew.

May we all see through the veils of nature that confuse our perception of the truth of Hashem’s total and constant love for us, and in so doing, remove the mask of nature from our hearts so that our soul and His Love intermingle in the movement we feel within us as our lifeforce, and may our creating this space positively impact and rectify the root elements so that Hashem is revealed.

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