Inspiration to listen to Rav Moshe Weinberger’s shiurim on Da Es Midosecha – SPECIAL

The shiurim from Rabbi Moshe Weinberger on Rabbi Itamar Schwartz’s book Da Es Midosecha discuss in depth how earth wind water and fire are the root of the sefiros that we know through the seven weeks of the omer.

To draw our interest to listen, here is what I have learned:

  1. The middos themselves that we are familiar with are on the right, chesed and netzach, and on the left, gevurah and hod. The right is water, chochma and the left is bina, fire.
  2. The order of the root elements as they are created is air(wind/movement), water(nurture, chesed), fire(gevurah, strength), and earth (sadness, depression, laziness)
  3. The air, movement and wind, is ruach. With our soul’s ruach, we are able to balance and form the middle axis, tiferes, compassion and yesod, the foundation, the proper bonding of all the sefiros. Tiferes is Yaakov. Yesod is Yosef. What Yaakov and Yosef overcame due to their love for Hashem that formed tiferes and yesod in the middle axis is there for us to draw on, to internalize, in order to quiet the kelipas of gaiva and taiva.

Comprehending our personalities and bringing balance into our lives is our essential task. We are here to regulate our emotions! But we have to do this at the heart level, the level of our urges and impulses.

Our emunah is key here. We have real free will, emunah, and the simcha of the inner being as our soul powers.

When we love Hashem and tell Hashem that we want to not want where our middos are glued – trapped in the confusion of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – and instead that we want our soul and our urges and impulses to feel His Love and Mercy so that we may reveal it, and we love Hashem and ask for His Love, we are actually balancing the movement within us, borrowing love from the side of chesed and the warmth from the fire to bring water and fire into balance in our words and actions, our tongue and our yesod. By loving Hashem as Yaakov and Yosef did, we open Hashem’s love and draw into our essence the moisture to balance the dryness of the firy angers and fears we get trapped by in our hearts’ natural state. The love for Hashem that brings down Hashem’s love burns the straw that is stored in our urges and impulses, making room for Hashem’s love to reside there in its place. It is up to us to recognize that what is holding us back is our clinging to something subjective and mortal and that we want to “excrete” what is gluing us to that and replace it with something objective and eternal, and holy.

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