Excerpts from the Arizal on Mishpatim – soul of Moshiach. What is up to us to do?

The quotes below are from Apples from the Orchard translated by Rabbi Moshe Wisnefsky

“Moshiach’s soul is the collective yechida of the Jewish people, their total identification with their Divine dimension. This consciousness transcends the limitations of Torah as it was revealed through Moshe, and is that of the Torah’s inner dimension.”

“…the different types of servants and bondsmen the Torah describes are different states of Divine consciousness. The Jew’s soul’s natural home is in the world of Atzilut, completely submerged in Divinity. The fact that he is not consciously at this level is due either to the simple circumstance of his soul being born into a physical body or because of some failing in a previous lifetime that he now has to overcome. Life, in this context, is thus the progression through the varied states of Divine consciousness embodied in these levels of servants and bondsmen, and finally through the various levels of Atzilut itself, until the individual is able to reveal, on his level, his own “spark of Moshiach,” which every Jew possesses.”

“The word for turquoise” (techeilet) is related to the word for “devour” (kilayon, mechaleh). Malchut, the Shechina, would descend from heaven in the form of a fire and devour the sacrifices on the altar. In Chassidut, this is explained as the fiery enthusiasm of the Divine soul (a spark of the Shechina) that, when ignited by appropriate meditation, can consume the individual’s animalistic tendencies, purifying his animal soul and making it fit for serving Hashem.”

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