How are we one with Hashem and yet unique, and what does that mean in terms of our every day moments in finding truth and living truth, to live as souls bringing light into the world?

Everything that is in the universe is an emanation of Hashem’s innermost characteristic, compassion. Hashem creates a world whose root is compassion in order that the compassion can become revealed in the world through His Creations whilst a world continues to be able to be distinguished rather than only seeing the immense compassion and light of His Oneness.

The light that Hashem sends to us is our life force, which enters and maintains our body, the vessel. The body is concealing Hashem’s light from being visible in the world. Also, and this is crucial to understand, our nefesh behema, part of the soul, is concealing Hashem’s light from being felt by our hearts. Hashem gives us the nefesh behema so that we have real free will, the ability to choose to align with His Will and form an eternal identity that knows there is a Creator Who creates us. Listen to Rabbi Itamar Schwartz (on audio below, minute 55 to end ) who spoke on Emunah Day 5779.

Rabbi Schwartz Emunah Day 5779

Within the nefesh behema are urges and impulses that connect to survival instincts. These feel to us very real and feel to us as if they are important to listen to for our success and happiness. The body and nefesh behema do not want to be forgotten by the yearnings of the nefesh elokis to be one with Hashem, yearnings that are not even felt in the heart without building awareness of Hashem and a higher purpose. Thus the body and nefesh behema are vulnerable to the messages that the yetzer hara is given permission to test us with. All of this is built into our survival instincts, which many know as fight, flight or freeze. We feel sad, we feel mad and we act bad.

Hashem, in His Wisdom, is putting us in contact with the actual elements of creation, the solid, liquid, gas and radioactive elements – atoms- that He creates to cover His Compassionate Light. The particles of an atom, , neutron and electron, appear to have “nothing” between the nucleus and the electrons. To our eye, we see earth, water, wind and fire. Yet Torah teaches us to look beyond our eye, beyond our perception and interpretation of experience. Listen to Rav Doniel Katz on Emunah Day 5779 as he describes how emunah helps us separate our interpretation and thinking from the light that is trapped within it so that the light itself becomes revealed as compassion, stability, warmth, light and gentleness, the reality that we are empowered to bring into this world out of our fearful urges and impulses:

Rav Doniel Katz Emunah Day 5779

For step to step details to heal ourselves with emunah, please listen to Orit Esther Riter, from Emunah Day 5779, who helps us take the steps to empty our fears into the surrounding love of infinity:

Orit Riter Emunah Day 5779

In order to trust deeply in the messages above, it is helpful to learn the Torah behind it. For Rosh Chodesh Shevat, Rabbi Yitzchok Ginsburg gave an English shiur that explains the nothing “ayin”, the way we are constructed to self-nullify “bitul” to be on the coin, One with Hashem’s Ayin, and how this truth is the wisdom we can trust to release our experience of darkness into that truth and thereby become a clear prism to reveal His Compassion.

For those of you who have been following this blog, please see the detailed steps that have been shared previously below. The trust we have in Hashem gives us the strength to realize that the life force that He is sending to us is intended to be returned to Him with our real free will. How do we do this when every ounce of our being is shaking with the messages of our natural urges and impulses based on natural survival instincts, compelling us to move with lightening speed towards an action that we know is a destructive pattern? We love Hashem every moment without stopping, with the awareness or yearning for the awareness that everything Hashem does is for our good, so that we may become vessels that know that He is the Creator and all loving and that the greatest pleasure now and forever is to experience the simcha of our inner being stable in our hearts as reality, our reality, the true reality, Hashem Echad. By experiencing the feelings and emptying them into His Love, Infinity, while loving Hashem, we create a vessel between our mind and heart to empty and receive back the light in a revealed and compassionate form. When we act, that revealed light comes into the world and affects solid, liquid, gas and radioactive elements – earth, water, wind and fire – in a way that Hashem is revealed within nature itself. In a way, we, with our bodily urges and free will, are the “deceleration lane” for the infinite compassion that comes to us as life force, slowing it by focusing on Hashem, shaping it by self-nullifying, unblocking the obstacles by releasing the real-feeling despair fear and pain and thereby picking up more light from the core of those obstacles that unifies Hashem’s Name as well as giving us tremendous simcha. If this sounds remote, just pick up any tehillim and see how Dovid HaMelech tries to do this every line of tehillim. Listen to Rabbi Asher Freund describe this option and Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman speak on bitachon:

Rabbi Asher Freund – deep spiritual pain
Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman on bitachon
Previous articles on this blog on the steps in the moment to heal our pain

We are given the opportunity to beyond the reason and understanding of our urges and impulses in order to will to feel and reveal Hashem’s compassion in our hearts. We literally remove what is blocking His Compassion from being revealed, self-nullifying our interpretations in favor of the choice to stabilize in our hearts our yetzer tov as who we are now and for all eternity.

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