Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman – Bitachon

Menuchas Hanefesh, knowing Hashem will give to us even if we are not deserving. Bitachon works above mazel.

To have this trust in Hashem, imagine if we trust in someone dependable. Hashem has all the qualities for being dependable, seven qualities. Merciful, concerned about me, capable to deliver the goods, knows what is good for me and what I need, He is the only one who can affect my life, He would have to be giving even to one who is not worthy since I am not always worthy.

The body feels that it wants to have some say. But when we realize the extent of Hashem’s supervision over us, our will has to be to give ourselves over into the hands of Hashem. That is the result of this knowledge, that He is all powerful and controlling. We choose to subject ourselves to it so we can grow in a certain way.

We bring something into our lives that is much greater than being in control. The Chofetz Chaim once said about Lot when the people of Sodom came to get the angels, Lot said I cannot let harm come to them. When someone is depending on him, yashrus depends on helping.

We are a member of the household of the King. Hashem is our protector. Dovid says one who trusts in Hashem will never come to shame, when we rely on Him, Hashem comes through. Hashem relates to us as we relate to Him. If I depend on Him, He gives us that supervision. The relationship is in a different status. Hashem creates our security as well as giving us life itself.

Here are my own thoughts.

That way is to be a part of revealing Hashem in this world, of willing to go beyond our reason so that we may function in concert with Him, to bring Him into the root forces of the elements, solid, liquid, gas, and radioactive, earth, water, wind and fire. There is no greater simcha than to be breathing with the inner part of our nefesh elokis as what is solid within us as our identity, now and for all eternity.

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