Rav Ginsburg Shevat – Truth, beginning,middle and end

Summary notes on first 20 minutes of Rav Ginsburg’s shiur:

Truth =emes

Shevat, like other winter months but more so, is water, Torah, emet.

Tanya Chapter 13 – truth is the inner point of every state of reality of every thought, and of every emotion. Truth is a connecting bar, an innermost bar that connects all the middle points and connects everything together .

A tzadik is in a continuous state of burning love for Hashem.

A beinoni slips into the mundane, but can arouse love for Hashem and return tote enlightened state of being. In times of prayer, he arouses true love for Hashem. and returns to the enlightened state of being. in times of prayer, he arouses true love for Hashem. The difference is it is not continual. If it is not continual, it is deceptive because it stops., but he can contemplate, meditate, and arouse and so it is considered true truth, because of the potential to serve from his innermost point of truth, it is true, even though from a higher perspective it is false. We can connect to our potential to turn to Hashem.

Baal shem Tov uses the word ayin instead of truth. Nothingness is the description from Hashems ‘ viewpoint.

Rashab uses bitul, self-nullification in the face of nothingness, it is our response to the revelation of the nothingness. Ayin is revealed, bitul is my experience of it. without bitul, something cannot exist from nothing.

Ayin bitul (bitul is the response to the experience of ayin) and truth.

Ayin – Nothingness

bitul – selflessness

emes – truth

The first letters of each spell Aba – Father, Wisdom. The inner experience of wisdom is bitul.

Keter is above wisdom the crown. Or, it is the origin of wisdom itself – the initial point of wisdom is revelation of Divine nothingness.

Bitul is the experience of it,the middle point of the heart, tiferes. Heart of wisdom is experience of bitul, Hashem creates me from nothing this moment.

Emes is truth, the inner dimension of yesod, foundation, to realize it in speech and deeds. ABA descends to yesod. That is emes. truth is lasting. never-ceasing impression of that experience.

A true person is someone that experiences nothingness as a seal on the soul. If I know Nothingness, I know it forever and if I keep it in consciousness, can walk a path of truth. Truth is lasting impression of bitul the, yesod that is my foundation for life.


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