Inspiration to search for the simcha of the inner being

Let’s take a look at the anatomy of a challenging moment. The goal of doing so is to see a pathway to regulating our inner implosions in a manner consistent with Torah as well as satisfying to the true heart.

The key is to not only remember that Hashem is right here right now, but that He is creating everything we are experiencing from His Essence, whose core is compassion. When we find our path to revealing His Compassion, the simcha of so doing is the greatest happiness a person can experience, now and for all eternity. We can choose to reveal Hashem’s compassion and stabilize in our hearts a mature spiritual identity as made in His Image.

In the world, there is solid, liquid, gas and, radioactive particles. The differences between these are the speed with which the electrons are moving in the atom. These physical states translate to earth, water, wind and fire. Once in this world, we have a way to grasp onto, from our perceptions, the nature of the world. When we grasp onto the nature of the world as a being with real free will, we are placed in a position to positively or negatively influence the creation. Depending upon the degree we comprehend that Hashem is the central thread and depending on the constancy of our love for Him and our yearning to cling to that truth, we have the ability to positively influence nature so that Hashem is revealed and not concealed. No pressure.

What takes us out of connection to our love for Hashem? Jealousy, desires, and the craving for honor. Let’s take a moment and revisit these in terms of the root forces.

Jealousy – These urges and impulses simply want (water) and feel pain (the sitras achra whispers to us messages that generate fear of being inadequate undeserving – our survival instincts react with fire).

Desires – these urges and impulses stem from confusions regarding water and vitality. (the sitras achra whispers to us messages of longing and the false belief that we need what we also tells us messages that it is okay to pursue these because we are entitled to happiness, causing us to make a mistake in seeking happiness from externalities rather than pursue the simcha of the inner being.)

Craving for honor – these urges and impulses stem from confusion regarding our image, how we are perceived, and are confusions in all four root forces earth (stability(, water (desire), wind (pervasiveness of the reaction), and fire (anger or fear or powerful offensive/defensive actions) (the sitras achra whispers to us messages that draw the body to channel life force towards our subjectivity, believing that what is good for us is good, rather than the body submitting its awareness to return to nullification.)

The benefit to seeing the root forces at play when we disconnect from Torah avoda and gemilas chesed is to give us the awareness of the core focus Hashem wants from us in that moment – that He is creating us and the entire matter from His Ayin so that we may grasp the root forces, generate love for Hashem (with awe in the design), and self-nullify, asking that His Ayin enter into our heart. We desire ayin in our heart because then we have the feeling of compassion to reveal in our speech and deeds the ayin, Hashem’s truth, His Compassion.

Understanding our makeup is important so we are familiar with what draws us away. Yet these are the very vessels that can reveal. We can turn our darkness into light.

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